How much is the iPhone repair new 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

Despite the fact that this year Apple has lowered the price of iPhone 11 to at least 2017, the flagship models are still as expensive as before. Many are very disappointed by this fact, but given the increased cost of the componentsthat make up the top-end devices can only thank the company that it has not increased the price even more. It was therefore quite logical to expect that the prices for repair services would also not the lowest.

IPhone repair is sometimes so expensive that it is easier to buy a previous generation model

It just so happened that Apple loves to dig in the guts of their devices, and therefore prefers not to change small parts separately. First, there is the possibility of damage to adjacent components, which are adjacent to each other almost back to back. And, secondly, the abundance of glue in the design makes it almost disposable. Hence the high prices for repairs.

How much to replace the iPhone’s display 11

Broke the display on iPhone 11 Pro? Do not worry, just prepare $ 329

If you suddenly injure or break the iPhone’s display 11 Pro or Pro Max, you will have to pay $ 329. It does not matter what model got damaged, because the price of the replacement display will be the same for the 5.8-inch device, and 6.5-inch. This high cost stems from the fact that change is the whole front panel, which includes a lot of small details — from the proximity sensors to the sensor, color temperature adjustment TrueTone. Display replacement iPhone 11 for obvious reasons it will be cheaper and will cost its owner $ 199.

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But for more serious damage to Apple is much stricter. For this reason, you’ll never get from the company or an authorized service center replace the cracked back panel, or a burned motherboard.

But the whole iPhone is better not to break, otherwise will have to pay even more

Instead change them with new ones you will offer to pay $ 599 for iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max or $ 399 for iPhone 11. In this case, you just get a new smartphone and the old one taken away for dismantling. Maybe from the sample will be restored, but who cares if it is fully functional and consists of new components?

To replace the iPhone new

On the one hand, the conditions of service Apple can seem wild, because in Cupertino not only restrict users in their right to repair their smartphones, but also require a lot of money for the replacement of replaceable components. However, on the other, such a policy can be very handy for those whose smartphones have an accident and will not be reversed. I think to pay 600 and get a brand new flagship is recessed or broken in the trash apparatus, in which even the iPhone is difficult to learn, is a great bargain.

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Here only agree to pay the replacement is not all. Many refuse to pay for a new smartphone, and just go out and buy one of last year’s models. For example, did the founder of Mikhail Korolev. This year he faced the fact that his iPhone XS hit the water, despite the fact that the smartphone is recognized waterproof. Case is recognized as out of warranty and offered to issue a new model, paying for it 600 euros. Korolev refused, took from the shelf an old iPhone 7, and saved money, added a little more and bought a couple of HomePod.

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