How much people are satisfied with Apple products?

Apple products is very expensive, but it gives users more satisfaction than the products of other manufacturers. This is once again proven by the satisfaction index of American consumers ACSI. A poll on user satisfaction with the current computers, laptops and tablets has shown that in 2018, people love Macs and iPads are less than a year earlier.

User satisfaction with computers and laptops was estimated at 83 points out of 100. The iPhone and Apple Watch this figure more, but they belong to the category of mobile devices. On this basis, iPad and Mac are the leaders in its category.

Apple products is high in almost all aspects, including the diversity of applications. The authors of the survey emphasized that people are still attracted by the clean appearance of the devices.

Devices from Samsung, as in 2017, satisfy people 82. To the extent customers love the products Amazon introduced over the year changes have helped its products to gain the same 82 points. The quality of the art ASUS, apparently, have fallen sharply, because in 2018, she took only the fifth place with 78 points.

The survey showed that desktop computers are only one in 6 of the respondents, but they satisfied them on 83 points. Tablets use 24% of respondents, and they are pleased with them less than 80 points. The largest database of users from laptops to 59%, but they are satisfied with only 75 points.

In early September, the popularity of Apple products has been proven by analysts of Egnyte. They studied more than 16 petabytes of information, and found that iPad and iPhone are very popular among corporate users. The most used smartphone was the iPhone 7, and the tablet — the iPad Air 2.

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