How much RAM must have Android smartphone in 2019

In recent years, when processor cores and gigahertz clock speeds have ceased to interest users, smartphone manufacturers have shifted their focus to RAM. As a result, on the market today available devices with 8, 10 and even 12 GB of RAM. Compared to them even the flagship smartphones of competing companies, equipped with 4 GB of RAM, looks like a blast from the past. But does it make sense to strive for as large amounts of RAM?

RAM is a volatile memory capable of storing information about the current task, regardless of whether they are at the moment or waiting in the wings in the background. That’s why RAM is so important for the effective work of multi-tasking. The longer it is, the more processes are able to support the device in the active state, allowing to call them from the background.

RAM for Android smartphone

However, I believe that it all depends on RAM, is fundamentally wrong. This proves the iPhone, which is more than enough even 3 GB of RAM. Due to the high level of optimization of “hard” and “soft” Apple smartphones more intelligently consume RAM, effectively distributing it among processes running than Android smartphones. As a result, even those tasks that are iPhone uploads volatile segment of its memory can be re-launched with lightning speed.

Another thing Android. Due to different architectures even the stock version of Android, unburdened software shells, requires large amounts of RAM to behave as efficiently as iOS. For example, smart phones based on Android, to feel comfortable, it will be insufficient 4GB of RAM. This confirms Google Pixel 3 that are having problems with the management of RAM even after the upgrade, which was to increase its efficiency.

Should I buy a smartphone with 12 GB of RAM

So then what can be concluded? As of 2019, it’s safe to say that smartphones with RAM less than 6 GB to buy better not to consider. Buying a camera with 6 or 8 GB of RAM, you can be sure you are making the right choice and do not think about the problems of labour shortages for at least another couple of years. As for the 12-Gigabyte models, which are also present in the market, in our opinion, their RAM will be rather redundant, especially when you consider the price that they designate manufacturers.

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