How much time is needed to become a professional in any business?

Probably every person wants to become a professional. After knowing all the details of his work can get high salary and even become a famous person. In the end, who among us has not dreamed of becoming a popular musician, or, say, professional racing driver? Some experts on personal effectiveness claim that for the acquisition of professional skills the person needs to work hard for 10,000 hours. For a long time this theory was considered quite truthful and it has been written in many books on business. Think we lied all the time.

The “rule of 10,000 hours” was coined in the 1990-ies

In General, the so-called “10,000 hours”, was coined in the 1990s by psychologist Anders Ericsson at the Berlin Academy of music. He conducted a study in which he divided his students-violinists into three groups. In the first “star” of the group, was especially gifted students, which in the future could become famous musicians. The second group consisted of “mediums”, who had the chance of becoming famous in small towns. The third group includes “the outsiders”, which max could become music teachers in ordinary schools.

How to become the best in the business?

Conducting a survey, psychologists found that almost all the students began to make music around the age of 5. The first three years they were very enthusiastic about the lesson and paid to play the violin for 2-3 hours a week. However, over time some students began to rehearse less, but some were interested enough to play a musical instrument to 30 hours per week. According to the calculations psychologist, these students became masters of their craft, and in a fairly young, 20 years of age. By the time they spent playing the violin about 10 000 hours is the opening and became the cause of eponymous rules.

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If you consider that due to the presence of holidays, vacations and all sorts of distractions a person can not every day to improve skills, to gain professionalism will require a lot of time. If you count, for example, that person will be able to devote 4-5 hours every weekday, until the level of the masters he will need about 8 years of hard work.

How to quickly become a professional?

The whole 8 years of constant playing the violin or guitar sounds pretty scary, huh? However, a new study conducted by psychologists from the U.S. state of Ohio, can to please you. They decided to re-conduct an experiment of 1990-ies with the participation of 39 volunteers who play the violin. It turned out that his 20 years in the most experienced musicians spent rehearsing a total of 6 000 hours. At the same time mediocre violinists exhausting yourself over 11 000 hours. As it turns out — for attaining professionalism is not necessary to spend a lot of time?

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It turns out that Yes. Psychologists do not know what has caused the lag especially diligent musicians. Perhaps they were not sufficiently motivated and practiced through force, while become professional musicians were especially interested in their business and have achieved much better results by spending the least time.

It would be interesting to know if you heard ever about the “rule of 10,000 hours”? Professional in what case would you like to become? Write in the comments.

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