How much to bring even the most mediocre track in the top of the Apple Music

Algorithms Apple Music, forming the top of the charts, were so imperfect that they can be tampered with to promote absolutely any tracks, convinced the correspondent of TV channel “Rain”. He conducted his own investigation and found out that the Internet exist thousands of websites, which are aimed to promote music in popular online services. To do this, as it turned out, without much difficulty. The main thing is to have sufficient amount of money.

The journalist found on the Internet a special website called and asked for specified details to its owners with the request to help in the promotion of the track. In particular, he said, he was interested in reaching the top on the platform Apple Music, for which he was allegedly willing to pay any money. Response letter contained a pre-agreement costs, to promote the song, which depend on the duration of its stay in the trends.

Prices for a promotion in Apple Music

For example, as noted by Dmitri, who responded to the letter, to get to the top for a day want easy fame, the contractor will be able for 1700 dollars. Thus the longer term you are interested in, the cheaper the cost the retention of the composition in the trend. So, in a week you will have to pay $ 8300 ($1185/day) and 14 days – 11 990 ($850/day).

How to get the track in top Apple Music

According to Dmitry, it is best to pay in cash, and the output of the track to the top may take up to five days. While it is easiest to work with songs in the genres of pop and rap. But the rock is worse be the conclusion to the trends. However, prices do not change depending on the direction of promoted track and its content. If you want you can send the top even with the demo version of the song, as it happened in the beginning of this week.

The output of the composition to the top is by starting playback on the devices of multiple users, explained Dmitry. He noted that this is done with some remote servers refusing to disclose any details. Importantly, the user that paid for the promotion, guaranteed to get the desired result.

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