How much to save for your iPhone XS residents of different countries

To argue with the fact that the new iPhone are very expensive, it is meaningless. So consider not only in Russia but also in Germany, USA and Egypt. Despite this, the actual cost of the new iPhone for them – in terms of the time during which we need to work to accumulate the necessary amount varies considerably. We compare wages in different countries of the world and counted for residents which one to buy the new iPhone difficult.

Worst of all, according to the data obtained by us from public sources, the inhabitants of Egypt. Moreover, the average income per capita in the country is 187 dollars, and the official price of the base iPhone XS there is almost 1400 USD. It turns out that the average Egyptian needs to spend more than seven months to save up for a flagship Apple smartphone with 64 GB of memory.

How much to save for the iPhone in Russia

In Russia, the situation is somewhat better. If you consider that the average income per capita is 32 635 rubles, or about $ 500, to save up for the iPhone XS, the Russian will take about two months. Of course, the situation may differ from region to region, but but it and stats that it is able to equalize all.

How much for iPhone hoarding in the United States and Germany

The Germans with incomes fared even better. The average German monthly receives about 2300 Euro, which converted is approximately equal to 2600 dollars. This income allows not only to save, but even to purchase not one, but a few iPhone XS. Of course, if you forget about tax deductions, utility bills and other expenses that have to borne by the Germans.

Leaders in this list are the Americans. According to open sources, at 40-hour working week, a monthly income of a resident of the United States amount to not much, not enough $ 2500, which allows him, like the Germans, to buy two iPhone XS, and surrender to acquire cases for each instance.

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