How much will the Bitcoin to the end of 2019? Response COO BitPay

Chief commercial officer international cryptoprocessor gateway BitPay Sonny Singh gave a short interview to Bloomberg. He ventured to suggest that Bitcoin by the end of next year will rise to 15-20 thousand dollars. In the midst of a bear market, when a coin has already lost more than 30 percent, Singh heralds the next bullrun after startup investment platforms Fidelity and Bakkt.

According to Singh, the arrival of these financial giants could potentially spur the growth of Bitcoin prices. In addition to running cryptocurrency traditional financial products corporations, he also pointed to structural changes in the stock market. In particular, they talked about the impending IPO of the crypto currency exchange Coinbase and kleptomanka Silvergate.

Writes Cointelegraph, BitPay amazing COO predicts 2019, especially after the approval of Bitcoin ETF from Blackrock and VanEck. The yield of product Fidelity will also give the stock market a new life and open access by large institutional players. Singh did not forget to mention about altcoins.

Night and day – different things. Also different from Bitcoin alternative cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the 800-pound gorilla with the most powerful network effect […]. That is what first attracted by traditional Finance company. As for the rest of scriptaction, altcoins… I don’t even know what will happen to them.

Recalling the de facto death of the ICO sector, Singh said that the intervention by the SEC does not Bode well for Cryptoprotected.

By the way, in the third quarter of this year, the ICO has attracted just $ 1.8 billion. At the same time, no matter how good the predictions of Singh, start Bakkt also postponed to January next year.

Today the Bitcoin exchange rate is at a level of 4270 dollars in capitalization in 74,24 billion dollars. More data look at cryptodata.

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