How much will the Bitcoin to the end of the week? Analysts forecast

The Bitcoin exchange rate this week if and grow, it is insignificant. The cost of the first cryptocurrency in the absence of positive or negative news will be in the range from 6.3 to 6.5 thousand dollars. About it writes “RIA Novosti” , citing analysts.

According to co-founder of cryptocurrency Fund ICG Igor Zagrtdinova, now the market is in a state of flat — rates of coins with the exception of Ethereum do not fall and do not grow.

When I grow up Bitcoin? Analysts forecast

During the week there were many positive statements from the first persons of cryptomeria that predict the rapid growth of the major cryptocurrencies in the near future, — from the heads of the cryptocurrency funds, as well as from Vitalik Buterin, Mike Novogratz, and others. While we are seeing moderation in growth of the major coins.

With it agree and PR-the Director of Blockchain Capital Tugush Timothy Fortunatov. He noted the growth of active buyers, but also spoke about the risk factors.

Investors are waiting, trying to predict further price movement. Despite the growing activity of buyers, there are some controversial things that can negatively affect the dynamics of Bitcoin in the future. Either Bitcoin will start to pull for the other cryptocurrencies, or the last pulled him along into the red zone. Market factors indicate that the participants still do not have the strength to leap up, so this week do not expect any serious changes. I think Bitcoin will continue to “dance” in the range of 6.3-6.5 thousand dollars.

According to the Professor, chair of financial management REU Konstantin Ordova, the rising cost of Bitcoins may be transferred to the next year. He also noted that market participants are not yet strong enough to significantly raise the rate.

Previously, experts of the research firm Trefis predicted growth of Bitcoin to the end of the year only to 8.5 thousand dollars. In their opinion, palpable movement of prices in the next four months can be expected.

What forecasts give you? Waiting for them in cryptodata of hontarov.


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