How much will the new Mac Pro in the maximum configuration

Last night Apple showed us his most powerful and perhaps the most expensive Mac in its entire modern history. Despite the fact that the updated Mac Pro was a revelation for us, he still managed to surprise with its design and capabilities. Apple finally made its workstation modular – that will make this product a great choice for professionals. Many people wonder, how much can cost such a computer in the maximum configuration. Well, let’s count together.

In the base Mac Pro will cost $ 5999. Not so much (for this computer), you say, and you’re right. But for this price, the Apple offers us the following features:

  • 8-core Intel Xeon W with a clock frequency of 3.5 GHz;
  • 32 GB of RAM DDR4 with ECC error correction;
  • Graphics accelerator AMD Radeon 580X Pro with 8GB GDDR5;
  • 256 GB SSD.

A relatively modest performance for a similar cost. Now, let’s put the most expensive equipment.

Processor — $ 8000

The best CPU that you can add in the new Mac Pro is 28-core Intel Xeon W-3275M. This chip has a base clock speed of 2.5 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 4.4 GHz). For such a processor will have to pay about $ 8,000.

RAM — $ 18 000

Mac Pro supports up to 1.5 TB of RAM — a fantastic figure. But twelve dice, each with 128 GB each, will have to fork out for 18 000 dollars. Of course memory standard DDR4 and error correcting ECC. Let’s hope that this will be enough to open several tabs in Chrome.

Graphics card — $ 12 000

It would be stupid to give a mediocre solution at the top-end Mac Pro. That is why we will settle for two graphics cards AMD Radeon Pro Vega II and two graphical extensions to the Apple MDX. The price of this kit — about $ 12,000.

Drives $ 2400

Apple allows you to install in your computer professional two ultra-fast SSD at 2 TB each. According to preliminary estimates, it will cost a potential buyer $ 2,400.

Module Apple Afterburner — $ 999

The price has not been announced, but we assume that the price of this module is $ 999.

Monitor Display Pro XDR $ 5999

A great addition to the Mac Pro will be a new monitor from Apple. There have notably spend — 4999 dollars for the display and $ 999 for a stand.

Accessories — $ 250

Most likely, you will have to buy a Magic Mouse/Magic Trackpad and Keyboard. Historically, that bundled with the Mac Pro never was a part of such accessories. This kit will cost about $ 250.


Thus, according to conservative estimates, top of the range Mac Pro will cost a potential client 45 000 — 50 000 dollars. However, note that in the calculation used prices from manufacturers – it is possible that on the official Apple website, the same components will cost even more.

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