How much would you pay for the autograph of Steve jobs?

The death of Steve jobs in 2011 was a tragedy and undoubtedly a sad event for people around the world. But there is a category of citizens, which earns the name of the founder of Apple a lot of money, and every year their income is only growing. Of course, we are talking about collectors and dealers of valuable things.

This year an unnamed Boston company plans to auction off three items, marked with the autographs of Steve jobs. They all passed an independent examination, confirming the authenticity of the signatures.

The most valuable lot is a statement of admission to employment of 1973, in which 18-year-old Steve tries to find the position of “engineer in electronics and design”. Although the starting bid is $ 5,000, experts believe that cost could rise 10 times or more.

Another guidance document “principles of administration Mac OS X Administration Basics”” signed by Steve jobs at Apple Park in 2001. He asked for $ 1,000, but it is unable to and 25,000.

Finally, the auction also will take part the article from the newspaper Palo Alto Daily Post dedicated to the WWDC and dated 10 June 2008. The starting price is $ 2,500, the average target — 15 000 dollars.

The auction starts on March 8 this year and ends March 15. Willing to pay a few tens of thousands of dollars for these priceless lots? Welcome to the discussion in our official chat in Telegram!

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