How much you earn: mining-pool 2Miners disclosed the income in the last month

In the beginning of the week the members of the pool 2Miners announced the delisting of two coins. We are talking about Hush and Private that require a permanent increase in the server capacity — especially RAM. The potential profit for a project with coins is 70 and $ 15 respectively. The amount is small, but how much income resource it is? What makes 2Miners, and why transparency is so important in the industry of cryptocurrency? Understand.

The meaning of the cryptocurrency

Coins primarily focus on decentralization, that is, their work does not control any one person or one organ. Imaginary cryptomancer will not cancel your transaction and will not allow access to the cell with the coins. Even if you show your passport and without end called his mother’s maiden name.

Another important aspect is transparency. The blockchain has all the transactions and balances of the wallets. If he wants to get into cryptocaryon Oleg — his neighbor on the floor — he does it. First, though, the purse you need to find, but then you can track all transactions.

Transparency for mining-pools

Mining-pools — artery in the body cryptocurrencies. With their help the miners get the money to pay the bills and oysters, the blocks are attached to an existing chain, and the network is alive and well. Don’t be pools of — life beginners Satoshi would be much more difficult. For example, such.

Source: 2Биткоина

Transparency in the work of the pools for mining important at least for two reasons.

  1. Ethical component. Through pools of money are the miners. Each payout is recorded, and often displayed in the free access. And if the income of the owners of the rigs could see anyone, why not do the same with the pool? Seems logical and fair.
  2. A sense of security. Top pools that make a lot of money. In theory, they may even be enough for the attack 51% and double-spend. The community must see the potential danger. Moreover, if the indicators will follow, the theoretical probability of an attack will be reduced to a minimum.

Profit 2Miners

Mining-pool 2Miners supports transparency in the industry, so start with yourself. The team uncovers a earnings resource for the last 30 days. Revenues appear on all coins on the pool, admiring the figures on a special page.

The five most profitable coin looks like.

  1. Ethereum. Payments to miners — 5335 ETH or 728 151 dollar pool fee — to 65.69 ETH or 8964 dollar.
  2. Zcoin. Payments to miners — 107 192 XZC or 698 963 dollar pool fee — 1105 XZC or 7211 dollars.
  3. Bitcoin Gold. Payments to miners — 17 BTG 226 399 or $ 160, pool fee — 183 BTG or 2391 dollar.
  4. Ethereum Classic. Payments to miners — 39 ETC 184 477 or $ 515, Commission pool — 484 ETC or 2266 dollar.
  5. Zencash. Payments to miners — 15 435 ZEN or 101 297 dollar pool fee — 200 ZEN or 1313 of the dollar.

The total amount of payments to the miners for the month of 2.59 million dollars. Income 2Miners can be estimated at 26 thousand dollars. This amount is approximate, since the calculation does not go to the Commission for transfers in BTC, inputs and outputs from the exchanges to convert to Fiat and other expenses.

Team 2Miners believes in transparency and invites the colleagues to open their cards. Honesty will go a industry benefit.

Source: 2Miners

And now the question facing the creators of the pool 2Miners, what will you tell them?

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