How not to lose your EOS eosDAC after starting mannata the first of June. Step by step instructions

Yesterday, the experts have found a vulnerability in the code of the blockchain EOS. A hole in security not only allowed the attackers to gain control over the nodes of the network, but in the future postponed the launch of the core network. Fortunately, the problem was fixed, so the deadline was still in force. Today I will show you how to register your tokens and not lose savings after the first of June.

What’s the problem

EOS appeared almost a year ago. Tokens created on the basis of blockchain Ethereum to raise funds for developers and the creators had originally planned to translate them in mannat after launch. The time has come, the main chain EOS will launch the second of June at 11:59 UTC, and eosDAC — first of June at the same time. It is reported Bitcoinist.

To obtain coins on the network EOS you need to register the tokens in the Ethereum address and associate them with a public address EOS. Then they’ll be fine.

Where to start

For a start check the tokens on the fact of registration. To do this, copy the Ethereum address which contains your token EOS/eosDAC, and looking for it in Explorer blocks the network. The most obvious option — Etherscan. Select the drop-down menu of “Tokens” in the upper right corner.

If your tokens are on multiple purses will either have to convert them to one, or to register each Ethereum address.

Check the registration token EOS

Then go to the page-timer start Mineta EOS. Find in the bottom left of the page is a window for the address ETH-wallet, and enter it.

If the tokens are already registered will see the following message.

The site also will show the remaining time before the registration token. If it has not yet occurred, perform the following step.

Generated EOS-keys

The easiest method of key generation — use the official site EOS.

  1. Go to the resource. Scroll down to the block “EOS Token Distribution”.

  1. Find the button “Get EOS” and click it.
  2. Agree to all the terms and click “Continue”.

  1. Find the registration button.

  1. Choose a suitable wallet.

  1. Click on the button generate keys.
  2. Save the keys in a safe place.
  3. Copy the private key in the confirmation window.
  4. Confirm the safety of the private key.
  5. Follow the instructions on the new page.

An alternative method

  1. Downloads the link from GitHub.
  2. Unpack folder.
  3. Open the terminal.
  4. Activate the following code in the folder /docs

php -S localhost:8000

  1. See the following.

  1. Open the browser and enter localhost:8000 in the window to enter a web address.

  1. Click the button generate keys.
  2. EOS stored the keys in a safe place.

Recorded EOS-address (public key)

If you have coins Ether in MyEtherWallet, Ledger Nano’s or best wallet to register new coins will with interface MyEtherWallet. Stored with other wallets of the tokens will have to import the private key in MEW or MEW to create a new wallet and transfer coins to that address.

  1. Open MyEtherWallet and go to the tab CONTRACTS.
  2. Select EOS: Contribution.
  3. Click “ACCESS” in the ABI / JSON.
  4. In the section Read/Write select the registration button in the drop down menu select.
  5. Enter your EOS-address (public key) in the form of a “Key String”.
  6. We propose to connect the wallet to the MEW. After that, click “Write”button.
  7. Make sure that the purse is a few coins to cover the cost of the transaction.
  8. Click GENERATE TRANSACTION and get the link to view the transaction in Explorer.

The Council finally

The first day of summer soon. Do not tighten procedure — a spread with her as soon as possible. To pass the time waiting after registration will help mining. Dig the coins we recommend in pool 2Miners.

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