How not to miss notifications on Android

Often there are situations when you take the phone in your hand and realize that there’s an important notification that you were expecting, but missed. It happens instant messengers, social networks and email. In fact this has nothing to do, but you can pre-take care not to miss notifications. The fact that Android is struggling and wants to protect us from undue battery drain. In the end, some applications are not working as we need, and we get no notifications or other important activity when it is needed. This can be overcome. No big changes in the smartphone.

Optimization of the smartphone is very important.

Android is known for being very consumes the battery. Besides the fact that he has such a feature, and optimization of some smartphones leaves much to be desired. In the end, it turns out that the installation of more capacious battery only slightly softens the problem but does not solve it.

For comparison, an iPhone, a battery which can be even 30-50 percent less often works better. To many it seems strange, but is it really so much it is a question of optimization.

These smartphones have a much smaller capacity battery, but often work longer than many Android smartphones.

Fortunately, Android really offers you the opportunity to customize their behavior and to choose how economical it needs to be. It’s enough to just enable or disable battery optimization.

To fix it relatively simply, and although initially a function of battery optimization can seem a little confusing, actually from solving pesky problems user separates just a couple of steps.

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What will be discussed below, should work on most smartphones with Android 8.0 and above. Although some manufacturers usually go their own way and many features don’t work as they should. For example, they can replace the standard optimization tools battery Android on their own. In this case, it is necessary to do similar, or search the manual for the specific device model.

How to set the battery optimization on Android

To see which apps are already optimized, you need to go to ”Settings”, then ”Applications”, then ”Starting apps”.

Optimizacija applications.

At the top of the screen will switch optimization for all applications. If you have activated the point that everything can run in the background, the notifications should come, but the battery will sit down quickly. Advanced users usually choose full automatic control, and then through the applications list and disable unnecessary.

The same settings can be found in the section ”Battery”. He has the same name and performs the same function. Choose the placement that you like better and seems more logical.

A small difficulty is that you need to change settings after installing a new application, if you want the same hand-set mode updates, it will be necessary every time to go to the paragraph and set permissions for the new application.

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As usual, most of all in the shells and controls a different One Samsung with their UI. Phones the Korean manufacturer is also possible to specify these settings, but this should be done a little differently.

If you walk along the described path and disable the applications running in the background in Android settings, they still may not go into sleep mode. To ensure that all worked as it should, you will need to do this in the settings of the Samsung.

Samsung always different.

In smartphones Samsung function hidden a little deeper than just Android. To access the setting, go to ”Settings”, then to ”Care unit”. After that, select ”Battery.” Inside it is necessary to choose ”power Management”. To see a list of applications that are not allowed to go into sleep mode, press the ”Applications that will not be transferred to hibernation”. To add an app to this list, just click ”Add application” and select what you need.

Optimization applications in Android not only allows you to save your battery in those moments when you do not use them, but will give you some of the accepted advantages. For example, let and slightly, but increase the speed of the smartphone, and has reduced the charging time. However, if this difference hardly you will experience, but the fact that the phone is likely to cease to bask in the background, it really is important.

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Don’t know about you, but me it is very annoying and often I want somewhere just to chill. Sometimes it comes to the fact that the high temperature of the phone felt even through his pants pocket. Of course, this does not often happen, but before that comes the struggle with it will not be superfluous.

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