How not to spoil the appearance of the new OnePlus 6. Sample photos

The new flagship OnePlus introduced in may. Since that time the six made it to the shelves, and even lost a third of its value in Russia. How much would cost the smartphone, it is better not to experiment with his appearance. Especially so, as it did a fan of the brand.

Owner 6 OnePlus has equipped its instance a transparent case back. Photos published on Weibo, reports GizmoChina.

His version is fully repeats the design of the original part. On the lid you can see the cutout for dual camera, flash and fingerprint scanner.

Now the insides of the smartphone are visible without any extra effort, even at an angle. The picture is questionable — the engineers obviously never thought about the attractiveness of the components.

To blame them is not what, as long as the owner is certainly continue to get questions of strangers about the state of the smartphone. And like what you see? Let’s discuss it in the Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

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