How often Apple merges authorities data iCloud

Over the past year, Apple has received over 16 million requests from law-enforcement bodies of the USA with the requirement to provide data about its citizens, to the report of the company. These include requests iniezione in the interests lost smartphone users, and suspects in the crime.

While Apple still refuses to hack the iPhone to its customers even in the interests of the investigation, in Cupertino willingly go to the authorities towards giving data to iCloud. They are often useful in the investigation of cases, allowing to confirm or deny a specific fact from the biography of the suspect, or to find missing.

According to the report, Apple was granted more than half of requests. In cases where the company’s lawyers do not see the requirement of sufficient grounds to provide information of such importance, the authorities refused. From Russia, for example, over the past year was aimed 405 requests, but granted 350 of them.

The average percentage of disclosure is quite high, reaching 82%. This means that in the vast majority of cases the Apple goes towards law enforcement, providing them with full access to user data. What arguments are guided in Cupertino, denying authorities, representatives of the company have not told.

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