How often should one change the smartphone

It is easy to see how manufacturers are bending over backwards every year to sell us new smartphones. This is not surprising. Their business must either grow or end. Any economy must be accompanied by the growth of production and, consequently, consumption. We already wrote about that, what are the disadvantages it brings to us and all that surrounds us, but to avoid this do not work. What we are left with? We must obey and spend all the money on relatively new phones or to take a stand and say that the Galaxy S3 is still a very cheerful smartphone?

Huawei P30 Pro though flagship, but sooner or later have to change it.

I am sure that every man for himself will give the answer to this question, but there are objective reasons why it is necessary to change your electronic assistant. In this article we will try to understand this difficult issue and understand what to do.

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Is it possible to repair a smartphone?

Let’s start with a little banal. To change the smartphone should be when it stopped working and the restoration of his health is worth more than a new machine. There is still need to consider the fact that the new smartphone will be, it is not banal sounds, new, with all the ensuing consequences. On it will be covered it will be assembled at the factory, not in obscure service, and he is likely to be better characteristics.

There is no rule that I sometimes met in the vast immensity of the Internet. If the repair of the smartphone is more than seventy percent of the cost of a new similar unit, not even worth it to mess with this. In the end, poor maintenance can cost more than the difference in price when you’ll be left with a “brick”, which will be just thrown away or even just repairing a lot of money.

A smartphone is a very complex device. Almost a miniature computer

Of course, if damage like broken screen or broken dynamics not hurt you, you can continue to use the device and not have to worry about repairing or replacing for a new one. The same is true for the battery, which someone decided that it should be 500 cycles charge-discharge.

Why release updates?

Very often there are situations when old smartphone does not support the new version of the operating system. As a result, the user does not receive any of the features available to buyers of new products. Thus it often happens that the seller is forcing users of older devices to feel deprived and stimulates sales.

Sometimes the use of new functions is really impossible on older devices. For example, there is some kind of sensor, chip or mechanism. If they are, they often cannot ensure correct operation of the updates.

If you have questions regarding the updates to the smartphone, ask them in our Telegram chat. There are many helpful people that will really help.

This feature is, as iOS and Android. The cupertinos provide a longer period of updates, but most select functions from the older models. Example is night mode, which is in the last generation and he realized, apparently, that software.

Each has its own function for which it is worth to upgrade to a new device, and marketers select them very carefully. The most insignificant detail could bring millions of dollars in profits. Not even revenue.

Improving the performance of the smartphone

On this point, perhaps it is not worth to elaborate. Yes, performance is important, but it is growing in recent times not as fastas before. Gone are the days when hardware manufacturers talked about the fact that this time it was twice as powerful than last year. Now the growth is not as strong.

Gamers can see how the Call Of Duty gives three fps more with the active movement, but the common man is not so important for him, we can say that the smartphone and after two or three years will work great. Even in comparison with novelties.

This smartphone performance not to occupy. It just gamer will notice the difference.

Of smartphones average price category, the performance differences between generations will be a little more, as the flagships can’t offer something of a breakthrough, and gradually conquering middling cheaper technology. In many ways, so the difference between flagships and relatively inexpensive smartphones slowly, but declining.

The new camera in the smartphone

Surely you noticed how the presentation of the new smartphone manufacturers focus on the camera. Usually it looks like this:

Our smartphone has a stunning performance with the new processor. He looks no less cool than work. In addition, it is rapidly recharged. We also have a camera... (40 minutes tells the story of a beautiful name conditionally the new features of the camera, showcasing beautiful, at first glance, pictures)

By the way, have yet to understand what made these images, especially because some manufacturers have already been burned and accidentally show how images are captured on professional equipment. In this regard we must pay tribute to Apple, which always shows the real photo, but just attributed that they “can be done with the use of special means”. At least, such footage is made by matrix to the smartphone through his own lens, not full frame DSLR.

Returning to the camera, is really to say that it is important in a modern smartphone. We all love taking pictures and want favourite pet, a beautiful landscape or a dance drunk friend turned out well and worthy spent on space on internal memory. That is why we look to the characteristics of the camera. That’s only if they really changed so much?

The first photo

The second photo

The third picture

The fourth photo

The fifth photo

Where a photo I will tell you at the end of the article, and just imagine, would you buy a smartphone without a camera? If not, then it is important for you and you will listen when the stage will be to praise the novelty and to say that she is again available, which never happened before. This does not mean that it should be faster to run out and buy new. As practice shows, the camera on the smartphone even three years ago is not much different from the new products. Revolutions in this matter, and the evolutionary process is not so fast that in one generation to change everything.

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A small revolution can hardly be called only camera Huawei P30 Pro and OPPO Reno 10x ZOOM, which made periscope design. It was really interesting, but still essentially new, this solution is difficult to call. It’s just an improvement and the possibility of a slightly higher magnification in good lighting conditions.

New smartphone. To buy or to wait?

If you have money every year to buy a new model, it is possible to do and not to think about the fact that it won’t be much better than last year. In other situations, the practice shows that people are less likely to change their smartphones. This applies not only to our market but also markets in other countries.

According to various sources, average usage of smartphone has increased from two to three years. Of course, it’s not like the manufacturers, as the market is almost saturated, and everything new does not come from engineers, and from marketers. They figure out how to sell a new gadget, not engineers offer something that doesn’t even must be Packed in beautiful names.

If you think that the time change smartphone all it’s important to remember that electronics cannot simply be thrown away. It is necessary or to second life, i.e., to sell or to give to someone, or “to apply at the farm”. For example, if the smartphone you no longer need, but it is the screen and the communication module, it can be used as a car Navigator. We have already talked about why you should not use the main smartphone as a Navigator.

And now the most interesting. As promised, I write what is given above. In order from first to last: 3 OnePlus, Huawei Nova 2, HTC U11, Honor 9 Lite iPhone 11 Pro. That is, the pictures are arranged in order of output of smartphones. As they say, leave you to do independent conclusions.

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