How often you need to restart your Mac

Desktop operating system macOS has long been considered one of the most stable and reliable. And for good reason – before your users do not restart your Mac for weeks and all worked without any problems. With the advent of flat design in OS X Yosemite, the situation has changed – and to solve the problems, it is often necessary to overload the computer.

If you are a Mac user, then you know that on the hulls of computers there is no Reset button — be it iMac, Mac Pro or Mac Mini. The company is so confident in the quality of its operating system that is simply not equipped with the option to their computers. All procedures are performed using one single button — enable. What, for example, won’t tell you about desktop computers on the basis of Windows.

Before this button was really needed PC owners. However, everything changed with the release of Windows 10. Between both operating systems you can easily put a sign exactly (at least, stability). But let us answer the main question.

How often you need to restart your Mac?

In fact, some there is no consensus. Some of the users considers frequent reboots is simply no need — macOS because its architecture is significantly different from Windows. The other part is confident that this procedure helps to clear the cache, eliminate software bugs and to extend the battery life (if we are talking about a MacBook). We can say that both positions have the right to life and to restart it is only in certain situations, for example:

  • If you want to install a major upgrade to macOS;
  • If that requires specialized or professional software;
  • If the computer does not respond to user actions. Despite the architecture, macOS is also susceptible to failures, albeit to a lesser degree than Windows.

With regard to the official guidelines, Apple recommends you restart the computer at least once a week. However, this is not a mandatory procedure, if macOS is working properly.

How to view the current opening times Mac?

  • Select the menu icon ();
  • Go to the “About this Mac” -> “system Report” ->””;
  • On the contrary, “Time after loading” you can see the current time.

How often do you overload your Mac? Let me know in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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