How old is your pet in terms of human life?

My dad’s convinced that if our three year old cat was human, you could already buy alcohol in any country of the world — in fact by human standards he was already turned 21. Those who have Pets know how much we love to attribute them human traits. We want our four-legged friends live as long as possible and ready to go for this much. But how to determine the real age of a cat or dog? After all, knowing the real age of the animal, measures can be taken for a long and happy life. And why it is considered that one year of life of a dog or cat equals seven of a human?

And you congratulated my cat happy birthday?

How many cats and dogs?

To begin with, how many live our four-legged friends. According to veterinarians, the life expectancy of cats and dogs depends partly on breed and size. Thus, aging cats and dogs is different not only from aging but also from each other. Typically, larger animals have a lower life expectancy. So, the life expectancy of the Dachshund and German shepherd are two different things.

Veterinarians agree that dog breed and its size are critical for a lifetime. The power and weight of animals are also important. But cats are known to be not very different from each other in size, therefore, the most important aspect of their healthy and long life will be, mainly, sterilization, food and the environment.

The average lifespan of a cat is 10-16 years of age, and dogs, depending on breed and size, live 10 to 13 years. By the way, more articles about scientific discoveries about Pets you will find on our channel in Yandex.Zen.

Experts believe that the age of Pets should be calculated phases

We have repeatedly written about the fact that human life span has increased significantly. This contributed to a large number of factors — from the development of medicine, access to food, living conditions and General scientific-technical progress. Agree, all this also applies to Pets. Proper care, proper nutrition, neutering along with vaccinations are able to provide your pet a long and happy life.

Seven dog years is the year for a person?

So, we found out that the life expectancy of cats and dogs, on average, 13-15 years old. But where did the myth that the seven years of life conditional whiskers equals one year of human life? In fact, this assumption is not so unreasonable. The fact is that with proper care of the health of the animal, a medium size dog will live on average one-seventh longer than its owner. People certainly noticed. Thus was born the myth that seven “dog years” is like a year of human life.

Of course, this rule is a myth and greatly simplifies everything. Today, however, veterinarians are able to provide animal care better than even 10 years ago. Besides, to determine the age of the animals is today used better methodology than a year of human life equals seven years of life of the animal.

Proper care is the only way to extend the life of your furry friend

Today, experts advise to identify the age of the animals according to the basic stages of their lives. Thus, modern veterinarians divide dogs into six categories: puppy, Junior, adult, Mature, elderly and geriatric. The fact that the life stages is a more practical way to think about age, think about it — even recommendations for the care of the health of a person based on certain stages of development, and not on how much you turned.

How to know the exact age of the pet?

And yet, experts advise to know when your cat or dogs birthday. The fact that the recommendations for the care of an adult cat will be different from the recommendations for the care of a cat at the age of. In other words, like all other people: the General condition of your pet’s health affects his “real age” for better or worse.

How often do you take your Pets for a checkup? Let's discuss these and other nuances to care for the animals with members of our Telegram chat.

So next time when you go with your four-legged friend to the veterinarian, discuss with your doctor what recommendations on health and care for the animals he can give. And don’t forget the timely sterilization, vaccination, proper nutrition and lack of stress may help your furry friend live a long and happy life.

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