How old man finds the meaning of life?

In a small age, all we are asking quite simple questions like “why is the sky blue?”. But over time, we sooner or later begin to think about the meaning of life and for decades seeking the answer to this difficult question. Someone finds it in the family, someone to care about the environment, but for someone the meaning of life is a successful career. With all this, many of us probably still have not yet determined their life purpose, so the question arises — at what age will it happen? Researchers from the Californian city of San Diego examined the statistical data revealed a period of finding the meaning of life, and even told how this event affects human health.

The question about the meaning of life bothers almost everyone

According to the scientific publication The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, in his work California scientists studied data on 1,042 people aged 21 to 100 years. This information was taken from previously conducted research entitled “Assessment of successful aging”, in which participants answered questions about the availability of your favorite things and satisfaction in my own life. Also in the hands of the researchers were the data on physical and mental health of participants in scientific work.

As the search for meaning in life affects health?

If you believe the results of the study, the person finds the meaning of life between 30 and 60 years. It was during this period of time, many people have a reliable circle of friends, a permanent relationship and children. Thanks to all this people already can say exactly what they want to accomplish in my life and almost cease to torment yourself with questions about the meaning of his destiny.

Most people consider life as a family and ensuring a good future for their children

In addition, statistical data showed that the finder of the meaning of life people have better health than others. This is probably due to the reduction of stressthat arises in constant search of things throughout his life. Most likely, this explains that are dissatisfied with their fate of people without any purpose in life, most of them suffer from different diseases.

When you lose the meaning of life?

In the course of their scientific work, the researchers also found that finding a sense, a person could also easily to lose it. This happens most often after the age of 60, when people retire and they begin to die close friends and relatives. In addition, the person also experiences age-related health issuesthat also affect psychological state. Found a dozen years ago, the meaning of life ceases to be relevant and people can re-start his quest.

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Scientists are confident that their scientific work will not only be interesting to people, but also help psychologists develop all kinds of tests. For example, asking patients questions about satisfaction with their lives and their destiny, they will be able to find out whether their physiological illness with a constant search for the meaning of life.

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