How on Android to watch a YouTube video that is blocked in your region

I’m sure almost all of you have faced a situation when you find interesting videos on YouTube and already click on the thumbs hoping to see him as suddenly when the page loads you see instead of what was expected, a black screen with the annoying face and the words “This video is blocked in your region”. What should I do? Well, first and foremost, do not despair, because there is a way out of any situation. And now we will tell you what to do. Moreover, this approach will allow you not only to watch that “you are not supposed to” on both YouTube and several other sites have restricted access for one reason or another.

To bypass the lock is not so difficult

How does the regional lock YouTube

Regardless of whether you’re trying to access the web pages or content apps using your Android devices or using a PC, you sometimes find that the content is not available in your country. For example, the most severe laws in Germany. If you live there, going on YouTube, you will find that most music (even free!) posted here is blocked and you are unable to access it. Other services may also have limited availability in different countries.

If you want to unlock this content, then you first need to understand how blocking works media. Each time you connect to the Internet, the device receives a number, called an IP address. This unique number identificeret your device to make sure that the requested content, for example, the contents of the web page that you visit is on your device and not on someone else. The problem is that your IP address contains information about your location, so it indicates the fact in which country you are. This means that the service can block a user’s access to content based on their region.

Approximately such picture you will observe if the content is not available in your country

These restrictions are often based on regional laws. For example, some music labels set their own rules in different countries. And, if at least part of them belonging to the composition will be in the video (even if it is not monetized), instead of watching the video, you will receive an error message.

How to unblock video and other content by using VPN

VPN is the most popular way to unlock content. In order to begin, you must first select a provider and set up an account. About what kind of programs for Android choose for this, we are told in a separate article. Be sure to read it at this link.

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When you open any application in your network using VPN, you will see a list of available servers in different countries. Just click on the name of the server to connect to it. You will then see a message saying that the connected. Now, when your device sends data through the Internet, they are first directed to this server. Therefore, your web traffic will move first to another country, and then at the destination to you. It works for both YouTube and browsing the Internet. It should be noted that this redirection that is logical, reduces the speed of the Internet, so be prepared. Do you use VPN? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

How to unlock content via proxy servers

A proxy server is another way to unblock regional content. You can download different Internet browsers store Google Play with built-in features of proxies, including the popular Opera browser, which recently received a similar feature. Of course, you can configure proxies separately, but why bother if all you can do what is called in one place?

The proxy server also works as a “mediator” between your device and the web site you are visiting, passing information between them. In Opera, for example, you can open the VPN section in the settings menu of the app. Here, select what region you want to log on to the Internet. Once you choose the region in the settings, your proxy connection will be established. Easy! However, this method cannot be used to access content that is blocked within the application. There will have to change the region, as this lock is associated with the “composition” of programs. And the desired content can only be downloaded from Google Play in a different region.

Download: Opera

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