How people interact with the Declaration of Sarah young, who failed

During the latest declarations made by Huawei to promote her mobile Nova 3 The New Egypt, the company’s Chinese representative of the famous Sarah young my collaboration with actor and Director Ahmed magdy.

Focus advertising on the capabilities of the camera phone Nova 3 Super-tech artificial intelligence, that is why during the events of the Declaration, trying to A. take a picture of him with Sarah appearing as his wife, but would like to use some makeup first show the best solution, however, Ahmed captures the image before you can pleasantly do it, to be surprised by Sarah after the fact that the picture shows her like she put makeup already.

Huawei caught passing off a DSLR photo as a Nova 3 shot

Even now, we might think that it’s just another ad for a smartphone with a good camera, but manipulation was in the fact that this picture above was taken actually camera DSLR professional.

You may wonder how we managed to figure it out, in fact it was thanks to the actress Sarah young my self, it has made a big mistake posting her picture from behind the scenes for the export declaration at the expense of her cancer, which appeared in the moment of this photo taken with a camera professional, to provide audio Feedback of some of the offensive and the other cynical.

After this attack is clear, the actress deleted the picture from her account based, so you after the Declaration itself, which still receives a lot of attack and ridicule.

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As for our part, have faced us with Huawei’s request to track The fact, and still awaiting the official response so we can publish it immediately upon arrival to us, so follow us to know all new.

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