How prohibit the the internet for application or more on your mobile phone


Support options the settings on the various versions of system Android it allows the user of Prohibition of the online application you don’t want to not connect to the internet via App data usage and disable feature Background data for any application. This feature, though available to anyone not using the length of the preparation and the application will connect to the internet once you run it, which means I give it a temporary entity doesn’t know to connect to the internet in the background.

Alternatives are available and the safety which is available on the Android system, and on top of third-party apps such as App Store of our conversation here NetGuard.

App available on the App Store “Google Play” and can be downloaded from the following link:


The app is easy to use and quite where he once feel him to view all the applications installed on the mobile phone along with each application there is a icon Wi-Fi icon and the other firmly data.

By clicking on the icon Wi-Fi will disable the use of that app and prevent it from contact, if you want to disable the process on the data packet the phone line have to repeat the process by clicking on the custom icon, but before that clever you activate the app by clicking on the button top ON.

For a lot of features, accessories and settings and forget the experience, where they will certainly save a lot of data lost as a result of connection to a lot of applications to the internet without a real need for it, as well as provide battery power which as is well known to be adversely affected by applications that connect to the internet in the background.

The advanced version of the app

The above was for that purpose , but anyone who is interested in the more advanced of the app which supports the feature to display the internet speed of the current in the status bar and check the options of the app from the status bar, in addition to the situation of the blind to investigate . Can download the version from the following link:



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