How salt affects cancer cells?

In one of our previous articles we found out what kind of physical activity is able to protect people from developing cancer. We also already well known that cancer cells can be destroyed by certain types of products. For example, Japanese scientists recently spoke about the benefits of mushrooms to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. But how do you think can protect against cancer is so common in our lives a product like table salt? To find out, scientists from the U.S. state of Georgia conducted a laboratory experiment with multiple mice and did some pretty amazing insights.

Salt can save you from cancer

The results of their study were published in the scientific journal called Advanced Materials. According to the authors, many experts have studied the effects of different substances on cancer cells. However, the sodium chloride, which is also known as salt, is usually ignored. And the reason for the low attention to this matter was the assumption that the particles are too quickly dissolved and can therefore affect the state of the cells.

Useful salt?

In the course of laboratory experiment on mice, scientists found that tiny particles of sodium chloride are able to penetrate into cells by endocytosis. Under this scientific term is commonly understood as a process of third-party capture of the substance by the cell by formation of vesicles within which tend to accumulate nutrients. Once inside the cancer cells, the salt splits into ions of sodium and chloride, thereby breaking their plasma membrane. In this process, the cancer cells are destroyed, because the human immune system receives a signal of tissue damage and launches an inflammatory response to combat the destructive processes.

Salt is able to destroy cancer cells

At the moment, the useful effect of salt in cancer cells is only shown as an example in laboratory mice. To test the performance of the new method against cancer, for example, you need to investigate further. Scientists are encouraged by the fact that table salt does not destroy healthy cells because the study used a fairly low concentration of sodium and she has been very effective.

Did you know that the first vaccine against cancer of the pancreas has been successfully tested?

Conducted scientific work may push scientists to create a new type of cancer treatment. However, they note that it will be used for localized therapy, i.e., act only on the treatment of only certain organs. They believe that in a greater degree the method can be effective for treating cancer of the bladder, prostate and liver.

Despite the fact that a fully working method for the treatment of cancer today does not exist, scientists have known technologies that can help in some cases. For example, recently, scientists from the UK’s Warwick University found that cancer can be effective a chemical element called iridium. Read more about this discovery can be read in our special article.

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