How skip ads YouTube using the Touch Bar in computer MacBook Pro

Have the Bar Touch Bar in computer MacBook Pro a lot of admirers as well as detractors, but it is certain that this feature will be agreed upon on both sides with: can use the touch strip to skip ads YouTube inexplicable.

This feature appeared by one of the users of the website Reddit, which is in between a video clip how you can buy touch skip ads YouTube-biodegradable.

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This feature works only on Safari browser, also indicates the location of the Business Insider, head to the App Controls the terms of touch and activate it, which you find in the Tab “keyboard”, found in System Preferences System Preferences.

إعلانات يوتيوب باستخدام Touch Bar في حاسب MacBook Pro

Water when it shows you the declaration of YouTube gas adjustable, so you can simply pull the tape time appears on the touch strip to the right and jump to the end of the ad.

For users impatient, this feature works also on TrueView video ads on YouTube, which you can skip after 5 seconds. The user can move forward and immediately get a message “disparaging advertising” that appears on the video.

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