How the AirPower charging station works. First high-quality photos of disassembly

AirPower is perhaps the only Apple product that has been canceled but still remains on the news agenda. Not even a month passes without another leak about the canceled charging station appearing in thematic publications. Moreover, what is significant, some of the leaks relate not to the new model, but to the original one, which Cupertino recognized as an insufficiently high-quality product and decided not to release it into the public. It would seem, well, what could be interesting in a device that never comes out? But it turned out that there are plenty of interesting things.

Apple canceled AirPower, but leaks still happen

Я наконец нашел достойную замену AirPower

Despite the fact that Apple canceled the AirPower release back in 2019 , the company did not destroy the prototype station. Moreover, at least one engineering sample of the device not only survived, but also fell into the hands of the eminent insider laobaiTD, who has repeatedly shared with us details about upcoming Apple products. This time, he posted on Twitter high-quality photos of AirPower, capturing the gadget from the inside and demonstrating its constructive structure.

Photos AirPower

This is how the AirPower prototype looks from the outside

Inside there are more than a dozen coils overlapping each other

As you can see in the photos, there are a lot of internal components in the AirPower. In addition to the induction coils, which are arranged in two rows to eliminate dead zones, there is a huge plate with many electronic boards, apparently used to control the charging process. After all, it is not enough just to regulate the current supply, you also need to monitor which device is being charged at the moment and how it is located, not to mention the danger of overheating, which must be constantly leveled.

Это самая крупная утечка об AirPower 2.0 : фото, цена, сроки релиза

Given that the AirPower uses quite a lot of metal components, including a metal frame and that metal divider, obviously the prototype was pretty heavy. Apparently, that is why Apple, by the time the station was released, hastened to minimize the amount of hardware in order to reduce the overall weight of the structure, replacing most of the external exterior with plastic parts. From this, the device, no doubt, has become less durable, but clearly lighter and more friendly.

Apple outbound charging

This is what the insides of the AirPower prototype look like.

Quite a large fee. I wonder why such a charging station is needed?

As for the revival of AirPower, there is no single opinion on this matter. On the one hand, some insiders predicted the imminent release of AirPower 2.0 , talking about how cool the updated station will be. According to them, Apple plans to keep the original appearance, but at the same time modify the new product in terms of hardware content. Allegedly, the company decided to reduce the number of induction coils so that they do not provoke overheating, but, in order to definitely avoid it, equipped the charging station with an A11 processor so that it regulates heat generation.

Apple показала, как надо заряжать iPhone в 2020 году . Пока без AirPower

On the other hand, for me personally, to believe that AirPower will come out exactly as the original development was planned is rather difficult. This was indicated to me by a leak of a curious component from the iPhone 12 . It turned out to be a magnetic ring , which is planned to be placed in the back cover for attaching to wireless charging according to the Smart Cover principle, so that the smartphone, firstly, connects faster, and, secondly, does not stupidly slide. But, if you remember, the AirPower feature is that it doesn't care how exactly the charged device is placed on it. And if so, therefore, Apple has no projects to revive it.

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