How the crooks steal cryptocurrency via browser extensions?

The General Director of Casa Jeremy Welch warned the visitors of the conference Baltic Honeybadger on high of the danger that lies in the extensions for the browser. According to him, the fraudsters used to steal cryptocurrency from the unsuspecting captainvalor. Unusual methods of hackers are rarely discussed in public, so it should be done more often.

Theft via a browser: is it possible?

Browser extensions collect a vast array of personal data of each user. This information can be used against them — hackers often prey on information leaks or theft. A simple example — the history of websites. It can help to get an idea about the habits of the person, and also cryptoplasm, which he often visits.

Try not to mention your Bitcoin wallets.

According to Welch, some extensions can access the personal data that users send to check during the procedure for confirmation of identity on the exchanges. He urges not to install suspicious programs from unknown sources.

The expert gave an example with a seemingly innocuous extension designed to download Wallpapers with inspirational quotes. This program intercepted the graphical image to register during the passage of the KYC procedure. The extension was decoding pictures of important documents like driver’s licenses. This information, hackers often sell or use for their own purposes.

You have a very good background picture, but you do not even suspect that your browser is leaking your personal data to other people.

What is particularly frightening, the same extension for Wallpaper may replace the address of the recipient of the cryptocurrency to the address of the crookwhen you’re trying to send someone your coins. In the end, you simply lose your savings, and not even notice it. The prevalence and popularity of extensions for the browser making the problem truly global.

Source: 2Биткоина

Scary, isn’t it? We all use these programs most of the time.

Welch also said that most of the password managers in the browser often steal the secret combination of users. The expert described a number of extensions observed in the sink of user data. Among them, the Grammarly app, expansion Joule and Lolli to work with Bitcoin.

What is the solution? Unfortunately, the simple way to address it. Welch hopes that in the future developers will start more responsible attitude to the security holes of their products.

For now we will have more responsible attitude to their own safety. You can't trust unverified developers. In General, it is better to abandon the installation of extensions without the need for the supply of cryptocurrencies and their own safety is more important.

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