How the evolution of Mate 20 compared to Mate a 10?

Latest Huawei phones dead 20 think of the most powerful smartphones today, thanks to powerful features and modern facilities provided by the device compared to the dead 10.

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Better performance, longer battery life

Thanks to the processor Kirin 980 who manages the dead 20 you will notice an improvement on speed performance and more on the rationalization of the energy, when you perform the same tasks on two phones, you will notice a difference in speed for the new phone, as well as a noticeable difference in energy.

To enhance the performance speed to Kirin 980 of memory options larger than available phone dead 10; specifically, up to 6 gigabytes of RAM with 128 gigabytes of storage capacity.

When we talk about performance you should connect it to the battery that feed the performance of the energy, while the coming of the dead. 20 as a dead battery 10, with a capacity of 4,000 mAh, the rationalization of consumption, which added processor Kirin 980 makes the battery life of the dead 20 the longest in the flagship phones — when you put the months leading handsets under the same use conditions, it was found that a dead battery 20 hold about 14 and a half hours, followed by battery for iPhone XR by about 11 hours.

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This is thanks to the support of the shipping super fast, the battery is dead, 20 is much faster compared with the dead. 10 and any other phone in the market has become can be charged +70% in 30 minutes, in addition to support dead 20 fast wireless charging is a new feature that is not supported by the lineup’s dead 10.

Following in the footsteps of phones dead 10, which was the first named Cat.19, which provides a fast connection to a cellular (phone data transfer) up to 1.2 it, the phones have become dead 20 first-come ‘ skill Cat.21 to enjoy a connection speed of up to 1.4 it on the fourth generation networks.

Design and control

Enjoy dead 20 modern design where the screen extends to the edges of the device, and provides a protrusion (note) Small has front camera, whereas dead 10 comes to the design less modern with the edge of the bottom of the supremacy of the relatively large, and one of the reasons the edges of the dead 10 big is the reader insight built-right-Hom, the fingerprint reader is dead 20 become the bottom of the camera and the background after the get rid of button home.

The ability to withstand shocks look close at the two phones where each structure of the glass. Unfortunately, did not improve water resistance in dead 20 dead 10, where what remains when evaluating IP53, which means the ability to resist water spray only.

The screen

When you compare the screen of the two phones together, we find the differences confusing a little bit; if it comes all the phones LCD has increased from 5.9 in dead 10 to become a 6.53 inch of dead 20, the precision decreased from 1440×2560 pixels in dead 10 to 2244×1080 pixels in dead 20, but should not be a difference with the improvement of the IPS technology adopted by the tea every year and the other.

The camera

He was dead 10 enjoys the best camera when it was launched, Double strictly 20+12 maps the aperture f/1.6 offering the advantages of rounding grinding and auto focus to give excellent results, but the development of the P20 Pro, and after the cameras dead. 20 was engage as it occurs in just one year.

Come dead 20 camera three the accuracy of the combined 36 maps, you can visualize the images with high precision a broad framework to the imam as much as possible of the elements in the scene, as you enjoy photographing things very close thanks to the shooting mode “Micro”, as well as identify the products, attractions and public places to provide you with information about them.

And the front camera a lot in dead 20, instead of 8 mask Strictly Come 24 maps, to improve the quality of selfies and the advantages of artificial intelligence such as roaming and isolate the background.

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Software updates

Comes dead 10 the issuance of Oreo began to get the updated interface EMUI 9, which come directly with the dead 20. Will be an experience applications are somewhat similar on the two phones, it is expected to support the dead. 20 future updates of After is dead 10.

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