How the new gestures in the Galaxy in the Android Pie

To provide you with the experience already in phones like the Galaxy S9 and Note 9, and Samsung has added the option to hide the navigation bar when not in use, then you can easily detect it by using the gesture quick and quick entry to it. If you always find this process very cumbersome, has Samsung made a fantastic feature within the “One UI” which are bearing a new name which will make it more intuitive.

With update the Android Pie, and now you have the option to completely get rid of the navigation buttons in favor of gestures and new gestures. This completely away with tape and the bottom bar to view more applications on the screen. While the setting is hidden a bit, it is still very easy to enable it and get used to them.

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But our experience, be sure to update the Android Pie on Galaxy. Then, go to “display” and select “navigation bar Navigation bar”. Then from this place, click on the “gestures fill the screen Full screen gestures” to enable this feature, and now you’re completely ready to enjoy.

Compared with the navigation bar traditional traditional navigation bar, the navigation tabs list on the new gestures are less intrusive than the former, as to the same controls as its more flexible than the previous. Therefore you won’t have to swipe to reveal the navigation bar, then click on the button. Instead, you can now swipe from the organization that was using buttons – you can also swipe from the right bottom to open the user interface, multi-tasking, scrolling from the middle until you reach the home, and scroll down the Left return.

In general, the work gestures of the new development of the Samsung Android Pie to improve the overall experience on Galaxy devices and save time while navigating around your device. Now what are the improvements that you want to be implemented by Samsung on the user interface based on your device to make the navigation buttons better? Add your comments in the box at the bottom of the article posted with your thoughts.

How the new gestures in the Galaxy in the Android Pie

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