How to Activate card Apple Card on the iOS system

Apple has released yesterday the first beta version of iOS 12.3 developers. As expected, the new version includes code to support some new services and features that were announced during the event Apple TV previous. Has been detected how to activate the card Apple Card.

One of the new services that were announced at this event card was an Apple Card a new credit card designed by Apple for financial life more safe. Is integrated card in the application of the Wallet and can be used in any place that deals with the service of Apple Pay, which is set to the user in cash by 2% with free Daily Cash.

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Not every dealer deals with Apple Pay, so Apple also version for of card. It is made of titanium and only shows the user name, and the logo of the Apple TV, and includes a bar for use with POS devices traditional.

Are usually lock credit card material, some of which require the user to use the application to unlock the card, while others of the cardholder contact the bank to cancel the tour. Since the Apple Card doesn’t only carry the name of the user, and does not contain the CVV code or number designed the Apple a completely new way to unlock the card.

To unlock the Apple Card, users will be asked to put them next to the phone iPhone, which will be held after that user interface similar to that used in the paired headphones Apple AirPods or devices HomePod and other devices. After that, you will press a simple button to do the process of activating the card using the user’s account.

Obviously, this activation process is not finished yet, but this is to be expected since this is the first beta version of it.

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