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Activate Dark Mode in sites in the browser Microsoft Edge. There are many browsers that are supporting the dark mode or even applications in which this feature is an essential element and must be provided by the. This is because of many reasons first it feature works to protect the view of the user, and secondly to reduce the Blue radiations harmful for, and thirdly it gives the user an attractive appearance and gorgeous, comfortable sleep. And that’s why we’re in this topic you activate Dark Mode in sites in the browser Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge.

Importance activate Dark Mode in sites browser Microsoft Edge is?

Ask yourself what is the benefit of doing the situation the night at the browser’s Edge, specifically in the sites not in the page settings in the browser? This is because the majority of users spend a great time surfing the sites, even if this design in the evening to start the user in finding some of the disturbance in the system, which will be exacerbated once again. And why not use Microsoft’s browser Edge which is one of the leading software applications of Microsoft Corporation of America, which appeared during the recent years of the former, Where is the use of the browser’s most prominent access to many of the sites that are visited on a daily basis, or even follow-up articles that are written in those locations.

The degree of great importance that we protect ourselves and our as quickly as possible to minimize the damage caused by the radiation of the computer is not looked upon activation of the night mode in sites in the browser the Microsoft Edge, and that is why we will give you explanation enough clear about the application of this method, you have in the computer. But there is a point of meal diversification, namely, that the situation is dark in the Websites are not activated in the browser basic that we all, and we must install another copy of the browser called the Microsoft Edge Canary, that women are asking where all of the advantages of the initial that you can try, which should arrive in the post to the official version. That’s why you have honey stores to focus well in the steps to ensure you are getting what you want from this company.

How to activate Dark Mode in sites in the browser Microsoft Edge

If you would like to be fully aware of all the advantages that come to Microsoft’s browser Edge before assembly fender you to experience the Microsoft’s browser Edge Canary in this topic we will give you a link to download the browser and activate the night mode without any add-ons or additional software.

Steps to activate Dark Mode in sites in the browser Microsoft Edge

Click on the link below to reach the page download the Microsoft Edge browser Canary, this of between three version of the browser, where you can download the browser for devices running Windows 10.

Download browser Microsoft Edge Canary

تحميل متصفح مايكروسوفت إيدج كناري

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After downloading the browser and install it in our computer, we run it directly and give it powers to complete work as required, where the browser will be installed his next to the master copy and is not a substitute for these women.

تشغيل المتصفح

We’re looking now about this link which will lead us to some of the application settings Central that we can count on to get to the desired mode, which is the edge://flags, copy this shortcut and then paste it directly in the browser.

الدخول إلى الإعدادات

Now through the search bar on that new page that we came to it we’re looking for an option or setting is Dark Mode, will provide us with a single option in those settings, and here we activate this feature by clicking on the word Default and select Enabled.

تفعيل خاصية الوضع المظلم

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We now make a restart of the browser again by clicking on options Restart this will restart the browser again.

تفعيل الوضع المظلم في المواقع في متصفح مايكروسوفت إيدج 1

Log in to any website you want and you will see that this site may now with dark mode Dark Mode and thus, you have obtained the most important feature in browsers and websites in general.

تفعيل الوضع المظلم في المواقع في متصفح مايكروسوفت إيدج 2

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