How to activate Dark Mode or dark mode in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a common application used by millions of people around the world to communicate with their contacts around the world.

Work Facebook to develop and improve the app to always stay ahead of the competition, it is possible that looking for users and they find it in suitable applications such as Telegram we find the situation is dark.

Guests are offered internet in the first place as the text is black on a white background, so the white screen that shows them the content is common.

But there is a growing consensus between the developers of applications and operating systems both on that trade can be bad.

Dark mode is a simple solution to eye strain is likely on the way to the heart of the colors, so that the screen is black and the content shows them in a light color.

  • Police efforts to intercept the dark mode or dark mode in WhatsApp

Again in September 2018, announced the expert with a good reputation WABetaInfo that the company Facebook is working on Dark Mode or dark for WhatsApp.

It is understood that the WABetaInfo account is known to make a thorough analysis of the versions of the beta and alpha of the program in an attempt to gain insight about upcoming features.

Posted WABetaInfo on its own Twitter: “I’m happy to report the good news exclusively: works WhatsApp finally on Dark Mode”.

Since then it has spread images that illustrate the application of this mode, which is what helped us in reaching the projected image of water when it is released.

However, since the initial declaration of WABetaInfo, I didn’t know WhatsApp on their presence on the water and does not provide the date of formal issuance.

So that water issuing official of the American company, there is a clever trick to evaluate the effect of dark mode.

Can lead to determine the background of the Black Matte in the letters page to improve the user experience significantly, especially with the talks night.

Apply the background image also on the sets of the WhatsApp for the most of chat activities and this will be in the dark mode you have it now.

  • How to activate Dark Mode or dark mode in WhatsApp

Start by selecting the “Settings” tab of the button bar WhatsApp, then tap on chat wallpaper chat or Chat Wallpaper, then Solid Colours.

After that, scroll down to the option “solid color” and select any dark color followed by clicking on the “set” to apply the background dark on the screen of the chat.

Users have also the option to use a dark image custom simply by saving them from During taken by the camera and choose the option “images” of Page “Chat Background”.

There are a lot of black backgrounds available on the internet which you can search for it in Google and download it and set it as the background to chat in the app.

You can also capture a dark image for the cover of black or black surface and set it as a background which is a solution faster for those who don’t wish to search for black background and analysis.

  • The history of the dark mode or dark mode

Was Apple System 7 System OS in 1991 one of the first operating systems that offer an alternative to darker companies.

Exchange Windows 95 later with a High Contrast ratio (Switch high contrast), as it did the same thing effectively.

Went the operating system Windows XP in 2001 forward by showing many of the features of the high contrast and the option to change the color of the user interface.

Fast forward after a few years, the situation has become dark choice increasingly common, with the adoption of Apple in MacOS 10.14 as well as the adoption of YouTube by Google not there are more apps and services that you think.

Don’t forget, too, that web sites go boil provide this feature which is a button situated usually at the top of the site or be an option in the top menu enables to activate or disable it without having to reload the page.

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