How to activate safe mode on your Android smartphone

We so much rely on the smartphones today that when our “little helper” starts to run slowly, freeze and generally showing some signs of poor performance, we cannot fully do their business. According to Murphy’s law this happens at precisely the moment when we are not able to fully repair. But in most cases, a quick fix will be enough to make a couple of actions in safe mode. And today we will tell you how to activate safe mode on your Androidsmartphone

Safe mode allows you to use a “clean” operating system without launching any additional applications. This can be useful for diagnostics. For example, if your smartphone is on Android works without problems in safe mode, this indicates that the gadget is OK and the problem lies in the third-party application. Yes, and to selectively test some of the functions in safe mode would be perfect. We will now consider the most common option that will suit the majority of owners of smartphones from LG, Huawei, Google, Lenovo, Sony and even Panasonic. Samsung has a slightly different approach.

How to enable safe mode

Before turning on safe mode try rebooting your device, as this may solve most of the problems. Well, if that doesn’t work, here is the most simple method:

  • Hold down the off button on the side of the device, until the special menu (or the device shuts down, this is true for very old models).
  • If the menu you have the option to restart, click restart. If not — turn off the device.
  • The phone may take a few seconds. As soon as the screen is completely dark, this will mean that the smartphone is turned off.
  • Next, if you have a smartphone from Samsung, you need to turn on your smartphone and at the moment the logo appears hold the volume down key.
    If you have a camera from a South Korean company, you need to simultaneously hold down the power button and the volume down.
  • If done correctly, after restarting you will see “safe mode” in the lower left corner of the screen.

Use safe mode to solve the problem

Now that you are in safe mode you can start the diagnosis.
Look at the list of applications that start automatically when the device boots, including widgets, and a newly installed or updated program. Very often the problem lies in them.

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