How to add a chat icon of WhatsApp on your desktop on Android

Despite all the shortcomings of WhatsApp, it is the most popular messenger in the world. Its total user base is well over a billion people, many of whom use WhatsApp as their primary communication method with friends, family and work colleagues. And to make it easier for users to look familiar, the developers came up with to automatically add the user’s contact list from your address book, which often leads to the emergence of many unused chat rooms, find where need becomes a nontrivial task. But we have the solution.

WhatsApp for Android has the ability to put on the desktop of any smartphone chats. They take the form of applications, replacing the common grid and does not loose overall style. And to make it easier to distinguish them from each other, as the icons use the photo of the interlocutor, a collaborative chat with whom you take out on your desktop.

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How to start chat in WhatsApp from your desktop

  • To bring chat to your desktop, run the app WhatsApp on your Android smartphone;
  • Locate chat need and highlight it, attaching a finger and holding it for two and a half seconds;
  • Press the context menu (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner;
  • Select “Add chat icon on the screen”;
  • Turn WhatsApp and go back to the Desk – there you will see the avatar of your interlocutor;
  • Click on it – this will take you to joint the chat.

If necessary, repeat this procedure with an unlimited number of chats. In this case, you will have the opportunity to run often, not to go into WhatsApp.

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