How to add a separator in dock macOS

macOS – despite well-established opinion is one of the most configurable desktop operating systems. In this respect, the OS from Apple might successfully compete with Windows users should only examine the possibility of “Terminal”. Command prompt opens to users a truly vast possibilities and allows you to access many hidden settings.

Share the items in the dock bar

How to work productively with Dock panel

How many of the applications installed on your Mac? If you are an active and long-time user, probably a lot. All this variety can be quite simple to get confused — especially if you prefer to keep all the apps in the Dock panel. If you are faced with this problem, the proposed solution is the separation of applications by category and everything will fall into place. How to do it?

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In fact — easy. With a simple trick, we’ll add the separator and, thereby, distribute the application according to the types — here, the messengers, there are working applications, browsers and so on.

How to add separator in the Dock-bar?

You will need to run the Terminal application in any convenient way.

In the opened window enter the command:

defaults write persistent-apps-array-add '{"tile-type"="spacer-tile";}'; killall Dock

As a consequence, the Dock panel will restart, and we can see that among the applications there is an additional space that can be moved at your discretion.

If the “empty” icon takes up too much space, there is a command to create a small variant:

defaults write persistent-apps-array-add '{"tile-type"="small-spacer-tile";}'; killall Dock

If you need icons you can add to the right. The way the same commands are different.

Large dividers

defaults write persistent-others-array-add '{tile-data={}; tile-type="spacer-tile";}'; killall Dock

Small dividers

defaults write persistent-others-array-add '{tile-data={}; tile-type="small-spacer-tile";}'; killall Dock

Using this method, you can add several “empty” icons in the Dock-panel — allowing you to distribute applications according to the required types. If the delimiters are no longer needed, you can remove them — moving in the basket or holding the icon over the desktop.

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