How to add custom folder with the recent files from the Dock

Not so long ago we talked about such useful optionslike smart folders. But today we will go further and secure the knowledge into practice – creating a custom folder with recent files. Just say that it does not need specific knowledge — to cope any user. But about all under the order.

Many users may raise a question — why to use smart folders if the category of “Recent” is initially available in the file Manager. Yes, it’s true. However, customize this folder is impossible — it only shows the last file with which we interact. In the case of smart folders the situation is quite different — we can point to configure the settings.

For example, create a smart folder with the recent images and placing it in the Dock panel.

  • Selecting the Finder contextual menu. Also the option to create can be selected in the settings: “File – > New smart folder”. Provided and the key combination Command + Option + N;
  • Now we need to specify search criteria for data selection, which we will see in the newly created smart folder. Make sure that the search will be carried out “On this Mac”, then select (+);

  • Under “Type” you specify “Image”, then choose format All. Newly added criteria using (+);
  • Select the option “Last open date” and the period “this week”;
  • Then you can save the smart folder. To do this, select “Save” and leave the option “add to sidebar” is enabled;

  • Move the smart folder right in the Dock panel. Over time, the folder will be updated if the computer will be a new file conforming to the attributes. You’re done!

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