How to add gestures on iPhone X Android smartphone? Will help these apps

The release of the first “frameless” iPhone has created a new trend. After the manufacturers took to get rid of the buttons return to the home screen and replaced them with gestures. Now go to the desktop you need to swapnote from the bottom up — including Android 9 Pie. Wait for updates on your device to fashion pieces is optional. Just download one of these applications.

Fluid Navigation Gestures

Developers Fluid Navigation Gestures developed the idea. Their app allows you to attach the desired action not only on swipe from the bottom, but on the side. In addition, the bottom face is divided into three zones and each programmable separately.

The program is able to navigate by swipe on the desktop, show the list of running apps, access notifications and voice search, and also include an assistant, any program, and much more. Download here.

X Home Bar

At first it seems that the program will exactly copy the working principle of iPhone X, but it’s not. The result is more reminiscent of Android 9 Pie — and it’s not bad.

The application supports swipe in different directions and simplifies the user’s life. Downloadable the link.

Navigation Gestures

It is a product of the team XDA Developers, which is well known to Android users. The meaning coincides with other members of the list, reports Phone Arena. Swipe up sends it to the home screen, the left takes a step back and to the right opens the running apps. If necessary, change the action to your taste. Get acquainted with the program here.

Swiftly Switch

The last hero differ from other. He adds carousel action on one of the faces of the display and allows you to quickly fulfill them. You can run your favorite apps, toggle and more. It is noteworthy that the inclusion of anything not to do the pressing and swiping your finger to the desired icon.

To download, click here.

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