How to add weather forecast to the menu bar on the computer macOS

Is the menu bar on your macOS Your as a an important point to see the date or time or the battery level quickly, in addition to a quick access to Notification Center or Spotlight Search or Siri. So why not be the conditions your weather there too? Then you can check the current temperature and weather forecast in a single glance.

Rather than open a separate application to obtain these details; the following is a way how to add weather forecast to the Mac menu bar.

Of course, there is no magic way to put the weather in the menu bar. But there are some good apps on the store Mac App Store that you can use. The following are the two options were free, try them.

Weather Indicator

توقعات الطقس إلى شريط القائمة على حاسب macOS

Weather Indicator is a weather app basic gives you the right amount of detail. Once you download it, open your apps and click on it to start. You can give the app authority to find your location or enter it manually.

Display weather condition in the menu bar, click on it to view the wind speed and rainfall weather forecasts for 10 days and times of sunrise and sunset.

The application does not work automatically update the weather, so you only need to click on “update” when needed. Lets you preferences and also choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit and use the colors in the drop-down menu if you want.

Weather Indicator is available for free computer macOS without in-app purchases.


Forecast Bar Weather + Radar

توقعات الطقس إلى شريط القائمة على حاسب macOS

This app is another great option, as it has a lot to offer. Like the previous app, after downloading it, head to your Applications, Applications and click the app to add it to the menu bar.

You will see the current weather condition is displayed, and when you click on the icon in the menu bar, you will see a lot of additional options.

Check the weather forecast according to the previous using a chart or summary. Watch what happens in the next week of highs and lows and daily summaries. Click top left to open the radar map, or click current weather condition for details on pressure and dew, wind, visibility and UV index.

Forecast Bar Weather + Radar is available for free with in-app purchases for additional options.

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