How to add websites directly in the Dock on Mac

MacOS has a very convenient feature that will simplify access to favorite sites. Not everyone knows, but the links to the web pages can be placed directly on the dock bar. To create these shortcuts using Safari or any other browser. Let us examine in more detail how to do it.

  • Go to the web site, a link to which you want to place in the Dock.
  • Create a folder on the desktop with any name.
  • Depending on the browser, you need to “transfer” icon of the website or address our folder.

Why move to a folder, if you can place directly in the dock bar?

To do so, of course, possible, but in this case we will not be able to add the icon to the bookmark. Will be displayed like this:

So, in our directory should be a link on the web page:

Go to the properties of the file:

Now add the icon of the website to the file. To do this, open the prepared image in the Preview. Hold down the key combination Command + C Again, go to the properties and press Command + V. the Result looks like this:

Left to bring the tab to dock panel. You’re done!

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