How to add wireless charging to the smartphone, spending 100?

Wireless charging is available only to the flagship, but this does not mean that all others should be left out. Aliexpress is a great solution to any problem, including everything that relates to wireless charging. How to give a smartphone such a nice feature? As you may have guessed, can help us in this beloved “olesechka”.

In truth, just now I accidentally stumbled upon a receiver for wireless charging — it was a revelation and very pleasant, I tell you. Yes, I knew that in China you can buy cheap wireless charging for 300 rubles, but that they can find directly to the external receiver to charge the phone – thank you, China.

It is estimated only 100 rubles and is as follows:

Using port Type-C microUSB or you need to connect it to the device. On the inside of the receiver there is a small adhesive surface to stick it to the phone. To wear the device without protective equipment thus is not recommended. The ideal option would be its use inside the case.

Buying additional wireless charging, it is possible to spend less than 500 rubles and get a full charging mechanism on the desktop. By the way, on Aliexpress, there are options even for the iPhone.

The main drawback is the lack of quick charging. Such a solution with an output voltage of 5V/1A to charge extremely slow and suitable only in the case when the device is on your desktop. However, slow charging has its advantages – the battery will live longer, and charge in this case will suffice for a longer period.

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