How to adhere to the professional image of the phone’s camera

You should know that you have the camera better, which is existing in your iPhone, and fortunately any device, iPhone has launched by Apple in the last two years had a Compact Camera with a lot of developments and other technologies, we give you in this article tips the detailed and fascinating to take maximum advantage of the features of a camera to your iPhone settings and controls, we’ll show you a bunch of advice of some experts in the field of photography to get professional pics from the camera of your iPhone.

Before we introduced the camera features and make use of them, we first open the camera application, you can do this in several different ways. You can click on the icon of the camera application on the Home screen, or slide up from the bottom of the screen to access the control panel select the camera application there. But the easiest is simply scrolling to the inside of the right side of the company. (This in iOS 10 and later). In iOS 9, It was very simple you had to put your finger on the camera icon on the lock screen and up only.

As soon as you open the camera application, you will see a set of controls under the main image Time-Lapse and Slow-Mo, Video, Photo, Square and Pano. There are also controls at the top to switch between the modes of the flash unit, HDR, and timer, and the heart of the camera to get a photo of. (If you are using an iPhone 6s or later, there is a button to activate the Live Photos or deactivated.

  • Scroll quickly to the shooting mode selected by using the D Touch3

If you have an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus or 7 or 8, Press firmly on the icon of the camera application on the Home screen you will get option to jump directly to the slo-mo, video, selfie, or regular photo mode. If you have 7 Plus or 8 Plus, or X, it will add the status Portrait to this list.

  • Using a button Timer

You can see the button cache in the top of the screen .Click on it and you can adjust the self-timer of 3 or 10 seconds. You will see numbers appear on the screen during the countdown. On the iPhone 5s, the phone automatically 10 photos.

  • How to reduce camera shake

Although this problem has improved in the camera Apple it’s still a list, a problem that caused fog of the picture and prevents you from recording your best moments, and it will be primitive but it is effective, but that you attribution on the wall and install for your hands and thus prevent the camera from vibration as the solution gas primitive is tuning Toyota pick up pictures for suitable which is the best solution if you don’t want that milk, you’re going to the border the following paragraph.

  • The use of Holder for the phone

And because we mentioned that the problem of camera shake is a problem somewhat worrying for users, the edges of the phone are an excellent way to get rid of that annoying problem, as you’re through it you get the static image in the literal sense, as well as you can use the Volume Up button to export more easily this cycle prevents the process of vibration, as well as it absorbs the button to raise the sound in the sky and you can install the phone holder and export through the sky with ease and without the slightest vibration.

  • Use Apple Watch to your cream to die to take pictures

If you’ve got the Apple Watch, remember that you can use to share camera iPhone your. Lets you Camera application is pre-installed on your Apple Watch and the possibility of using the former as a remote camera iPhone your. Open the camera application on the Apple Watch will automatically open the camera application on the iPhone paired with the watch.When you’re ready, either click on the white circle on the screen to take the picture, or push the button “3s” to set a timeout period of three seconds, and the latter is useful when you want to pick up a group photo of the family.

  • The shots using HDR – but keep the original photos also

Even if you have a iPhone small amplitude, if he was able to capture shots HDR, turn on this feature (or leave it on Auto so it decides iPhone when used) in this way, you can take advantage of images with high dynamic range – which combines three different layers of a project, so that I don’t still see the detail in areas of very bright and very dark, where he works HDR to merge several exposures to create one image with great detail and a wide range of tones and colors. Try using it instead of flash when faced with challenging light conditions.

  • Mode Portrait

Available on the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus f of X, the expected mode Portrait, which was added in the update the iOS software 10.1, currently only for the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus and for iPhone X, because it depends on the rear cameras, Dual Lens devices, wherein the impact mode Portrait effect intruding on the depth of your picture, puts the picture in focus and blurs the background.

To reach the position in Portrait Mode, swipe through the list of roller in the lower part of the camera interface – it’s just to the right of the picture. Try to make sure that the target is located at a distance of 2.5 metres and that the background be significantly greater. Good lighting is also important, it has a group of professional photographers who consider their ideas about the status of porter by Apple with a series of tips, they help the soft lighting in maintaining the quality and all the photos are advised to be picture at a distance of about eight feet .

  • Property Portrait Lighting

Available on the iPhone 8 Plus f of X, where that Portrait Lighting is a range of lighting effects smart can be activated during or after capturing an image in Portrait on the iPhone 8 Plus or X. when you are shooting in mode to Portrait, you will see the small pistol in the bottom of the camera screen, feature Natural Light this is the effect of the default standard. But if you click this you will see that there are four other options.

  • Mode Burst

One of the reasons that make you able to get such great pictures of the covers of magazines is to put the Burst, because the mission takes several tens or hundreds of picks and chooses only those that meet an expression of air or a moment of joy or serious. You can do the same thing with your iPhone using Burst Mode, which is great to get the perfect shot of your child kindness or appearance of your dog when you discover he blends the pillow.

All you have to do is long pressing on the Export button and camera used in Photography. Of course this consumes a lot of space on your device, but once you get a great shot, go to that footage in Camera Roll and press to Select. Now clean all the stills, click what you like, then tap Done. You will get the option to save everything or just what you choose, in the latter case is to delete all the footage.

  • Properties the Panorama

Certainly this property is one of the coolest camera features on the iPhone where they give you a painting of your camera, the Hévíz you export the image of the far-reaching include all staff with excellent precision, navigate to the camera to Pano, and then clicking on the start Export button and then the start of photography moving all right, you need a property to Pano you to be balanced and move slowly until the whole image in the dimensions of the one lengthwise, the property is available to Pano the beginning of the ios8.

We had our offer in this article a set of special tips much of the characteristic of camera phones, Apple is smart by some of the photography experts, and now experience it and then show us your experience in the comments, we’re waiting for you!.

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