How to adjust the lighting on the finished picture for iPhone

Measurement of the depth of the frame provided by the iPhone telephoto lens may be useful not only when shooting portrait photos, but when you adjust the lighting on the ready-made images. All that is required is a smartphone with the Apple logo and dual camera and the Apollo app distributed through App Store.

Apollo is the first app that uses a function measuring the depth to add more light sources in the scene, tell the developers. Initially the project started as an experiment whose purpose was to find out suitable information from the two cameras to simulate additional light sources. The studies revealed that the map of points of depth, which provides an API for the camera is not enough. It was therefore decided to create a new, more dense map, which formed the basis of future applications.

The finished result looked the most realistic, the developers have applied anti-aliasing filters, taking into account the contours of objects in the frame. Thanks to them, the virtual light sources create an effect almost indistinguishable from natural light. In the finished app, users six settings that allow you to play not only with brightness but also color hues.

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Title: Apollo: Immersive illumination
Publisher/developer: Indice Ltd
Price: 149 RUB
In app purchases: No
Compatibility: Universal app
Reference: Install

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