How to avoid spoilers of the Game of Thrones series on your Android smartphone

There’s nothing worse than spoilers. You waited impatiently for months or even years to see the final kynoselen or series, but due to circumstances beyond your control, you have no way to watch it immediately after. You take your smartphone for a fraction of a second, to check the notifications, and BAM, you’ve hit the spoiler. Spoilers movies spoilers the TV series, game spoilers – this is all extremely bad, and avoiding them can seem like an impossible task. Although there are many ways to avoid spoilers on your PC or laptop thanks to various browser extensions and programs, it is much harder to block spoilers on the mobile device, which you almost certainly use far more often than the computer.

Epic fantasy drama by HBO called Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones or GoT) is rapidly approaching its finale with the 8th season and so we decided to help you avoid GoT spoilers on your smartphone, because the Internet is dark and full, well, terrible spoilers.

Chrome extension

Most Android users, I think more than familiar with Google Chrome, which has for many years been the default browser for devices running Android OS.

If you used Chrome on your computer, you probably also know about the existence of extensions for the browser that allow you to add various useful tools. What you may not know is that there is a set of extensions dedicated to blocking spoilers.

Judging by the reviews and popularity, the best blocker for Chrome belongs spoilers or Spoiler Protection 2.0or Unspoiler. Unfortunately, none of them will help us on our smartphones, as Chrome extensions not natively supported on mobile devices.

Fortunately, we have a few solutions to this problem:

  • Use Firefox. Browser from Mozilla is an excellent alternative to Chrome on Android, but more importantly, it also supports extensions. Not all extensions are for desktop computers optimized for mobile devices, but luckily for us Spoiler Protection 2.0 is optimized perfectly. Simply download the app from Google Play, go to the menu (icon with three dots) > Extensions > All extensions in Firefox, then look for Spoiler Protection 2.0 and click add to Firefox > Add. In the same menu you can now search for Spoiler Protection 2.0 at the bottom of the list, tap on it and you can set the keywords for spoilers, which you want to avoid.
  • Use Chromium-browser. There are several mobile browsers based on the open source Chromium, which turned out to be support Chrome extensions. One of these is the browser Kiwi. Just go to menu (the icon of three dots), then in the extension and open the online store. Compatibility of extensions with the mobile browser, unlike the desktop, a little lame, but Spoiler Protection 2.0 works just fine.

Blockers spoilers

In the Google Play store for some reason there are a lot more apps designed for detection of spoilers, not to block them, but without options, we left.

Application Block Spoiler and Spoilers Blocker on Android allow you to create a list of key words to avoid spoilers for your TV shows, movies or games. Unfortunately, both apps have fairly bad reviews, in which users refer to the problems logging in and spoilers leaking through the filters.

Don’t go on YouTube

If you have ever watched any video on YouTube pertaining to spoiler what you don’t want to see, there is every chance that a video on this topic will appear in your feed due to the aggressive algorithms recommendations YouTube. They are usually accompanied by screaming headlines or covers with great text and images and possibly even a large arrow that directs your attention to the massive spoiler.

Just don’t go on YouTube.

Lock the spoilers in the social networks by keywords

Social media spoilers are just the same everywhere, but if you really can’t regularly check their pages in Facebook or Twitter throughout the day, you have options that will help to avoid spoilers.

Twitter is best suited for blocking spoilers since there is an easy to use option to disable sound. Just tap on the icon of your profile > Settings & privacy > content Settings > Ignore > Ignore words, then add keywords.

Facebook appears to be testing a similar feature of blocking keywords, but have not deployed it in a stable application. We suggest “zamutit” or temporarily block your friends, groups, pages and things that can give you a nasty spoiler. This approach can also be applied to Facebook and Instagram.

Disable image in browser

Of course, spoilers are found not only in verbal form. When the popular TV series or movie debut, network users do not need much time to turn a significant scene of any type of media sassy meme or GIF.

Your safest course is to disable image until you finally reach the coveted film/series. Unfortunately, while in Chrome on Android when it was built-in option to disable the images, it was removed in a later update.

Alternatively, the expansion Image ON/OFF for Chrome does the same thing and removed a proprietary function, and the Image Block X for Firefox.

Turn off notifications news apps

Most conscientious editors in the entertainment industry will try to prevent the emergence of spoilers in titles, but in order to ruin your day, it only takes one treacherous notification from any MovieSpoilerNews24/7.

You can follow the method of “off the bat” and delete all news apps from your smartphone, or simply turn off notifications for these apps. For the latest on Android, go to Settings > Applications and notifications > [app Name] > Notifications > and turn off Show notifications.

Do not use the Internet

Even with all these tips, there’s still a chance that the spoiler can leak and be right before your eyes, when in fact the smartphone is constantly connected to the wireless network. Obviously, disabling Wi-Fi and mobile data is an extreme measure, but people used to live without Internet. You can do this.

Do not use your smartphone

With a wild option, but still an option. Turn off the phone. Throw him in the lake. Break it into small pieces. Click your fingers to ash. This is the only way.

If you have any more tips on how to avoid spoilers online on your favorite movies, TV shows and games, then be sure to share them in the comments and in our Telegram chat and, please, no spoilers.

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