How to backup apps data and time

Data applications such as data registration, date chat some may find difficulty in to save them and transfer them to another device unless the app supports backup function , such as WhatsApp, forcing some to work route to facilitate copying the data and restore it, but there are already way to easy you don’t need to root.

Knowing also that the application of Google Drive says in default mode to backup the apps data and then downloaded immediately to register with the same account Google on another PC, but he expects his work on some applications and not others.

Copy the Application Data Using the application Helium

1 – Download the application on computer Windows or Mac or Linux: here.

2 – Load the app on your Android: here.

3 – activate USB debugging, to enter the Settings > System > about phone > clicking on the version number more than once until it shows the developer option in the system menu, go to developer option and activate the option USB debugging.

4 – launched the app on the computer.

5 – launched the app on your smartphone and connect the phone via USB cable to the computer.

6 – When the computer on your phone, a message will appear on your phone asking permission to debug the USB accept, then will appear a message telling you to disconnect your phone from the computer, do so.

7. then select the apps that you want to copy its data a matter of fact, if the whole: click on the button Select all, then click on the button Backup.

8 – A window will appear asking you where to store the backup, you can choose between internal and external memory or the cloud knowing that data recovery stored on the cloud requires the purchase of a copy of a paid app.

9 – after starting the backup process, which lasts for several minutes and ending by a notification tells you that the operation succeeds.

For those who did root already can use the app without the need to connect it with the computer for then USB debugging.

To restore the application data copied

1 – Go to the tab recovery, synchronization, Restore & Sync application.

2. Select the library that you copied the data to it.

3 – You can choose to restore data to all apps or certain apps, then click on the Restore button the Restore.

4 – start the restore process which can take several minutes depending on the amount of data copied.

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