How to backup data Android smartphone

Agree, not very fun because of the broken phone suddenly pick up and lose all important contact numbers, documents, photos and videos. It often happens that among all these files can be those who have not be able to recover it. To avoid this from happening, you need to, as corny as it sounds, make a backup. But everything is not so simple and when you create a backup, you need to consider some nuances, which we shall now tell.

It is important to have a backup copy of the file to nothing to lose

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Backup Android settings to Google Drive

Save the device settings and applications is very important

Android offers an easy way to backup some of your settings, so we I’ll start. Go to “Settings” — “System” — “Backup” and you will see the option “Backup to Google Drive”. Make sure it is enabled. Here you can see the categories of data to be stored in the cloud. This information is of some apps your notebook and the smartphone’s settings.

For owners of devices line Google Pixel there is a small bonus — sync with cloud storage of SMS messages and photos with videos. All these data are copied together and restore each item separately will not work. So if you left a notebook, you have to “roll back” to a previous state of the entire smartphone. Have you ever lost important data? What did you do in this case? Tell us about it in our chat in Telegram.

How to backup photos on Android

Pictures is the sources of memories

Well, with the settings we understand. And if the happy owners of the Google Pixel in the previous paragraph it would be possible to stop the owners of other gadgets will be useful to learn how to backup photos and videos. There is a good way of using the Google Photo. It offers free unlimited storage of your photographs in high quality on all devices associated with your Google account.

Install the Google Photos, if you have not already and then sign in to your Google account. To enable the backup feature, open the app, go to “Settings” — “Backup & sync”. Here you can turn on this option, as well as quality, in which to store all your shots.

Download: Google Photos

How to backup text messages on Android

The messages may be important information that you never want to lose

Let’s deal another option available to owners of the Google Pixel, but is not available to “mere mortals” synchronization of SMS. Does the Google services we have already, alas, will not help. And where “powerless” Google, we can find help from third-party applications. In this case, I would like to advise a free app SMS Backup & Restore.

Run the app and it will guide you through the process of setting up a backup. You will be able to choose the backup messages to create, where to store backups, and how often to create a new data backup. Quite comfortable and most importantly functional app.

Download: SMS Backup & Restore

Backup your music and documents

Losing important documents is very annoying

To backup several multimedia files you can use the service cloud storage Google Drive. Open the app and click on the ” + ” icon. Then locate the file or files you want to backup to the cloud. Now you will only have to wait for the download to complete. The only disadvantage of this approach is to configure the schedule sync with Google Drive will not work. So what important documents you will have to watch yourself.

Download: Google Drive

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