How to become a millionaire in the crypt and everything to lose. Instruction from Peter McCormack

Recently host of the podcast What Bitcoin Did Peter McCormack shared his fascinating story of how in just a couple of years to get rich and then be left with nothing. He wrote a tweet in which he told how turned 32 thousand dollars to 1.2 million, then lowered all the way. According to him, he was not discouraged, as I just spent two wonderful years in interesting trips and travelling around the world. The story of Peter is not unique. However, the majority will not be so openly talk about their own irresponsible behavior that led to the loss of all state.

As captainvalor, Peter saw the potential of Bitcoin in 2016. At that time, his advertising business was closed and he decided to go for broke. He invested in BTC and ETH all his savings – 32 thousand dollars.

At the right time in the right place

Then Peter got straight to the point. He did not have to think and immediately have diversified the portfolio into several altcoins. He admits McCormack, he had no experience in trading and did not conduct a proper market research. He was just doing what others are doing.

Watching the growth of the market, I just had diversified in Monero, Dash and any other stuff. Even in ripple. Everything just grew in his eyes.

As written by Bitcoinist, by the summer of 2017, his profit was half a million dollars. And in that moment a sense of greed. Instead of canonical to withdraw 25 percent of the profits, he reinvested all that I have. After a year in the crypt of his accounts were already $ 1.2 million.

When everything goes downhill

It is possible to guess the outcome of this success story. When the markets start to sausage, Peter was convinced that all will be restored. He had five sources of income: trading, mining, mining-pool, his own podcast, as well as consulting services. He is not going to leave the space, and dearly paid for it.

In conclusion, Peter McCormack did something sort of guidance to criptonita.

Until recently I was afraid to disconnect your farm from the 70 Antminer S9 and 70 DragonMint. They just spun at a loss. My greed and ambition had destroyed something that could turn into real money. After I paid all taxes, evaporated almost the entire amount. So if the next bullrun you will be able to lock in a handsome profit, don’t forget to remove the cream. Don’t overdo it. Not for nothing are advised to invest only what you can afford to lose.

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