How to block ads system wide on Android without root access

Android is most popular operating system for smartphones. In the last few years it is 86% of the global smartphone market. Extensive user base on Android has also attracted various application developers, resulting in the store Google Play there are thousands of free apps, most of which have to offer short of your developers to display advertising.

The ads help developers maintain and earn a living. Well optimized is always helps to increase conversions and improves the usability of the application itself. However, improper placement and excessive advertising optimization too many Intrusive and annoying, as it interferes with the normal user experience. Some Chinese manufacturers are, not surprisingly, also place advertising banners to generate income in their applications. Xiaomi is a perfect example of such a manufacturer, which follows the same tactics for their own benefit.

There are many other ways in which the developers introduce unnecessary advertising and degrade the overall user experience, and this is perhaps the only reason which forces users to resort to different ways of securing it. However, some developers offer a paid version of their apps without ads, but still many users prefer the free version.

There are many ways to remove system-wide advertising on Android, but most of them need root access. Those who offer lock without rooting, or not effective, or heavily drain your battery. If you have been looking for an effective and simple way of blocking annoying ads, we will make your job easier, as will be discussed in this article about the app that allows you to block ads on your smartphone. It even gives you the ability to enable and disable ads in separate apps.

DNS66 is a application for Android, developed by Claude Julian (Julian Klode) to block ads at the DNS level. This is effective as it does not slow down your device. DNS66 better than any other ad blocker-based VPN, and much more efficient, because it does not drains the battery. The new app even saves your Internet traffic. However, there are many similar applications, such as Netguard, AdGuard, No root ad-blocker and others. Unlike its competitors, the blocker Julian Claude is open source and is free.

Note: We AndroidInsider do not support blocking ads because it is the only source of income for publishers and developers. Users must show respect for the developers and publishers who work to provide them with useful information and entertainment.

What you need:

  • Download the app DNS66
  • The device is based on Android 5.0 and above
  • To authorize your smartphone to install apps from “unknown sources”

Locking system-wide advertising on Android

Follow the instructions below to get rid of annoying ads on your smartphone without rooting.

  1. Let your smartphone install apps from third-party sources, enabling the option “Unknown sources”. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources and then enable it.
  2. Download APK from the link above and install it on your smartphone.

  3. After installation is complete, launch the app and then open the guide that will familiarize you with the features. The start-up screen will let you choose the option to start Automatically at boot.
    Note: the Application DNS66 initially will affect the battery level, but once it’s fully operational with optimal settings, a significant drain on the battery will not.
  4. The user can easily filter and block specific ads. The application contains the tab Hosts, which enables you to filter the advertising sources. There you can enable and disable ads from certain providers.
  5. After updating the tab with the hosts you will get a full list of providers that serve ads on your device. You can deny or allow access to each host.

  6. After you’re done with the choice of hosts, go back to the main screen of the app.
  7. On the main page in the application interface the user can quickly initiate a VPN connection to enable the ad blocker by clicking Start.
  8. App DNS66 also has the ability to bypass the selected application for display advertising. Sometimes it is a necessary feature since the user may include advertising in applications where it will not affect the user experience.
  9. To enable or disable the application, you can easily directly from the notification bar. The app will show a small key icon on the notification bar while service is active.

It is the most logical and effective way to block ads on Android.

Block ads on Android without app

You can also easily block ads on any Android device without installing any application on your smartphone. To do so, follow these points:

  1. Open Settings > Wi-Fi and an Internet or Additional connection settings > Private DNS.
  2. Click the hostname to the private DNS of the provider.
  3. Now you can choose any of these options DNS to obtain protection from advertising of a certain type:
  4. After entering the DNS field, click Save.
  5. You can now enjoy surfing the Internet without ads.
  6. For Chrome users there is an additional step, namely, to disable the flag #enable-async-dns on page chrome://flags.

Here are all the ways to remove ads from your Android device, without affecting the battery life. If you know any other options, let us know in the comments.

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