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Do you hate unwanted calls to? Who doesn’t hate those calls, isn’t it! These things are annoying significantly of all, the problem seems to be getting worse day after day. In this topic we will look at how to block calls unwanted, indiscriminate, or at least reduce it. But before we do that, let’s take a look at the three most common types of calls unwanted or annoying. As for the first type is a telemarketing calls from real companies trying to sell things to you, whether marketing properties or calls from internet service providers to attract consumers away from the competition between the companies. Then there are the calls recorded, and calls automatic operation with private messages to the sales registered in advance. It is also used frequently for political campaigns, charities and more. As for the second type he calls the likelihood of the figures shaded are trying to take advantage of you. They’re pretending to be employees of one big company or bank and try to convince you to reveal your financial data or other sensitive data. The more important question now how can you protect yourself from a place of respect, and inconvenience for? You’ll find the best four ways to use it in a few lines the next.

The Prohibition of annoying calls through applications and services to mobile operators

The best way to block nuisance calls is a custom application so it’s, which rely on databases of millions of numbers. Whenever you receive a call from a number listed in the database, will co-app message displayed on the screen. Alternatively, you can also send the call to voicemail so you don’t have to deal with it at all.

There are a number of apps like this available in the Play Store some are free, while others need a paid subscription. You can check out some of the best of these applications by the following:

In addition, the company offers mobile all applications and services to help its users to fight against unwanted calls. Where features vary from one company to another, as well as the case for the purchase of mobile where he works mostly as described in the applications mentioned above, which means they will give you when you receive a call spam or prohibited by the Don’t even reach you.

Keep in mind that although the applications, as well as the services provided by telecommunications companies, is the best way to prevent nuisance calls and spam, they are not ideal as they couldn’t cancel the unwanted calls completely, but they will kill it a lot.

The Prevention of unwanted calls in a quick

If you are being harassed by a few companies or individuals regularly, the easy way to prevent unwanted calls is to block their numbers. And to do this all you have to do is open the phone app on your Android device and long press the number, continue to contact you, and then click “ban”. This is all of it! Keep in mind that the process may vary slightly from device to device.

This is a quick and easy solution, although it is not the best if you receive a lot of annoying calls from different numbers -it has lead to the Prohibition of the numbers of the numerous every day to the inconvenience. If so, choose a custom application as described in the method above is a better way.

Block calls unwanted by allowing only the Office of the information and the contacts to reach you

There is another way to win the battle against the calls are unwanted and are blocking all numbers except those in your contacts list. Certainly this may be an extreme difficult to you, but it’ll get the job done. The best way to achieve this is to download an application, such as Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker. It’s a free application and very popular so has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

To download from here

You only need to download the app through the link above, open the “settings” and select the “ban”, then click on “block all numbers except contacts”, as shown in the screen shots above. When you receive a call from a number not saved in your contacts, not your phone rings, but you’ll be able to see the occurrence of the call within the app.

Obviously this method has a big drawback. Likely to miss calls from friends and family members, coworkers and others who probably changed their number or call from another phone. So make sure you choose this procedure only if all else fails.

Block calls unwanted through the registry on the

Maybe redeem you this solution if you live in America

Where to run the Federal Communications Commission (FTC) National Register and have all of the marketing companies not to call those numbers registered in this register, which allows people who want to ban unwanted calls to register using the number on their phones. Companies must be respected, which means they are prohibited from calling numbers on the register.

However, this only applies to telemarketing. Through the subscription shouldn’t receive any of those annoying calls from internet service providers and other companies that are trying to sell your stuff, but you can still get the car or poll or any other calls similar. Don’t get rid of the subscription also of frauds, because the shady characters I don’t care too much about the law.

Get your phone number inscribed in the register fast and free you can register from here.


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