How to block notifications on the Polygon in Google Chrome

The company launched the Google version number 84 of the web browser (Google Chrome) Google Chrome after the delay effect in the timeline to release updates to Chrome because of an outbreak of MERS-CoV, the new version comes with waiting for a lot of people, namely the Prohibition of the notifications that appear when you visit a site, which is used by many web sites to deceive users or perform phishing attacks.

Here’s how prohibition notices to sites that show you in Google Chrome:

The version number 84 of the Google Chrome browser is the first version allows users to prohibition notices sent by some web sites to users when they visit, where one of the tricks that sites use to mislead users or to force them to allow to activate Notifications in the browser for the implementation of phishing attacks, or trick them to share personal information, and the promotion of programmes which contain malware.

Google says in a blog: “the notifications that appear in the browser randomly from the more complaints we receive, where a large proportion of the applications for notices of a small number of sites abusive, but now offer new features to protect users from these sites.”

How to block notifications on the Polygon in Google Chrome 84:

To activate the feature, you must first update Google Chrome browser to version number (84), to do this follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser, then tap the three points at the top of the right side of the browser to open the main menu.
  • Click on the option (assistance) Help, and then choose (on Google Chrome) About Google Chrome.

  • Click on the (get updates) Get Update.
  • Will Google’s Chrome browser for the new update automatically, and then will start installing.
  • Once finished, you are prompted to restart the browser.

Once you install the latest version of the Chrome browser; this will automatically activate the feature, this means you will not see notifications from different websites while browsing, and if you notice when you visit the site, you’ll see a text message warning you that (location of the stomach may be trying to trick you to allow notifications intrusive) the site in question may be trying to trick you into allowing intrusive notifications.

If you trust this site you can allow it by clicking on the button (allow) Allow, and if you don’t trust the site, click on the button (follow-up to the ban) Continue Blocking to continue the Prohibition of the notifications from the site.

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