How to block unwanted calls on iPhone

Every user once in a lifetime encounter with the phone spam. Yes, the number of the unwanted caller you can just make a black list, then the calls stop. However, in the future the situation could be repeated – how can this be avoided? It turned out that very simple. For this you just need to put a special extension that will automatically block the spammers.

Maybe not all know, but in iOS there are applications that allow you to define the caller ID and to block all unwanted calls. It is noteworthy that this function can also be used to determine unknown numbers. And the most important advantage — the option is completely transparent to the user.

So how to block unwanted calls?

Before starting we need to download the corresponding iPhone app from third party developer. For this we introduce in App Store request “lock room”. Select and download any program from the list. All the extensions work on the same principle.

  • Run the downloaded application, to update the database;
  • Now go to “Settings” -> “Phone”;
  • Select the item “Lock and call identification”;
  • Activate our app in the section “Allow these programs to block and to provide caller ID”. Optionally, you can include several programs;
  • You’re done!

After the iPhone received an incoming call, iOS will check the subscriber database of the application, and if a match is found, block the call. Personal experience has shown — option really works — unwanted calls are gone, like they never existed.

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