How to build a successful strategy and effective project or a new idea

If you have a nice idea for a project or particular program, you want to make a approval or funding, and efforts to assess the importance and necessity of this project and its usefulness desired, only you have to follow precise steps and the centre to receive with open ears and minds convinced to get what you want..

Building strategies the very middle one, and basic rules, but may make a mistake in how you addressed or focus on things instead of other things than lose importance for him, and therefore enjoys no persuasion required.

First, remember that for each idea or project, program or way of thinking must differ even a little something about any other idea, meaning, that there is no copy and paste for all ideas literally, because that wouldn’t work, not convincing right.

The first thing you must do before everything is read and a detailed and expanded on the idea that you want to provide, and as they say: to kill her in the search.

This makes you immune to any question may be put to you, and you from any danger it may stop you from not convinced with your idea. Search a lot and read a lot to cover all the angles that surround the period. Look for the importance of the idea and reason for asking you don’t and any other ideas similar to it and how to apply them and the effects of it.

It is important to find a partner for you in the application of this idea in any other country, and that there will be successful experiences for your idea to ensure that any question about the feasibility of its application or its usefulness, experiences successful and often make the listener not think about the importance of the idea but the quality of their application and will be such as successful past experiences, start the search and planning of the facts about this idea, and the numbers and stats.

Like you want to provide a presentation on the outreach program for the prevention of drug, first search for the scientific facts and security that is issued about the danger of drugs on society and on individuals and goods, and so on.

Then look for the numbers and statistics available from the medical reports and security, the number of smokers conditions addiction the number of people who die from addiction, the cost of the crisis borne by the family and the state due to the presence of addicts thus, because the language of numbers is more influential than the language of the dog, and you a lot of effort in persuasion.

Always focused on the facts to be brief and focused and explain where and lengthening, just remember the soundbite, and plunging into the details because it’s not time now.

Facts can you get it and put it through your search extended and show you many of the facts can be divided into many sections increase persuasion.

Such as: facts and figures about addiction medically, facts and figures about addiction and security, facts and figures about addiction family facts and figures for the categories of city in the community / ages / sex / towels .., and so ..

After speaking extensively about the facts and figures, talking about the current situation, what is the current situation for the idea that you’d like to ask, if we say your idea of talking about the draft governance relations advisory in government agencies, remember to put the current government for a consultant, as are your expenses in this advisory, the current situation of corporate Advisory, as the Government of these contracts, and these contracts Advisory any significant return, and the current situation of the ratio of the yield good and the bad with closes on the other side, thus

The current situation needs to research more detailed and studies and reports are reliable, because you’ll be a lot of strategy on the current situation, where the pave study the current situation to build the right framework for the idea and the basic lines which will emerge in the goals and ideas subsequent.

Now talking about the initial conception of the idea that you want to ask, here state briefly the extension of the one or the words one what is the perception of your initial for your idea, can remember the name of the project, the name of the idea, is it a project, programme or body, etc.

Design the initial send of the very first basic idea, which applies after a detail more and more.

Then remember the general thrust of this idea, such as the called your idea in the initial concept: the National Programme for governance Advisory, put in the general orientation framework that will give you this program, and briefly, such as: national programme work on governance and consultative processes in government agencies to maximize the benefit of this advisory, and financial target resulting from these contracts and so.

The general thrust sends a frame work in brief and declarative, the reader can know what the program is and what the guiding Framework and its usefulness past a few.

Then remember the methodology of development which ulceration of it, this methodology is the first step to a move by the Executive, all of the above is the research and study, now entering in the phase to see the development of this idea posed.

For each project, program, or idea, methodology and implementation is different, has turn out methodologies of development the Union of ideas and goals. The methodology is the guidelines to solve a problem, to choose the best ways to solve a problem or reach a goal.

The product is tested based on the quality of the idea and how to apply them and access roads and therefore, so it is important that the methodology for the development of carefully selected and achieve the idea to be implemented..

After the end of it all, remember the goals that you have your idea, main goals and basic, not detailed.

You should breeding goals, strategies and objectives of major army offered him the idea, like if you’re introducing your idea to the sector of the government, we such as the Ministry of the interior, remember your goals to achieve this idea and linked them to the objectives of the States strategic objectives of the Ministry as well, and that will be this idea of the objectives are in the interest of the Ministry and its goals, so ensure that your idea achieve the goal of a strategy for this effort which increases the idea of the power of botnets.

Small goals are good, goals no offices or challenges, learn how to formulate goals and to establish what can be achieved accurately, no expansion of the network, writing, the goal was crafted well and sturdy language and in thought, the stronger and better the more convincing..

In every IDEA, Project or programme there is a target audience there are influential others, the target audience is the slideshow that says goals on it, the altruists are affected by are the categories that will impact positively or negatively on the idea, you can confine them to know all of the affects this project and affected by it, which affects you can helps you or facilitates you the way to achieve the goals, so it is important to recognise, and build good links with them to achieve your goals, water is a part of the target audience.

To identify the target groups can be based on age groups or gender or race or sectors or the markets or topics, so it is very important to study the target and to identify them accurately because it affects the operations of the application development, the processes of communication and project pop-up, etc ..

Then for each project the pillars of success will help in achieving the basic objectives, and implementation methodology, these are considered associated with and as conditions and specifications of the Executive commit of the project, and give the reader or the idea of faith for the prevention.

Because of this associated with like promises for implementation, just like you say I’m yours this building given the application of global specifications, and the adoption of building materials modern and stylish, and under the umbrella of the Terms, Conditions and specifications of the municipality, and so on.

It can also be Place explanation simple and concise about the importance of the methodology chosen, the cause of your choice, and its advantage among the rest of the forums..

As add also called in Main to implement the idea, this is understood to be as broad explains the importance of the program which will deliver and which will, for example be parameters of the project to achieve sustainability, or work to educate and documentation, and contributes to building the capacity of, or change, and to correct concepts, and his effort is formal or non-formal.. and so on.

And then can break down the strategy the last part, which contains the expected results and quick wins, and development requirements, and recommendations.

The expected results remember, the most important of what can be achieved positive results from the implementation of this project or idea, and is essential in achieving the main objectives set by the.

As for the offices in the Algarve are reported rapid gains, some of them separated to Quick gains and long-term, rapid gains are positives that would be achieved immediately after the start of the implementation of the project, and the fruits that can be reaped with the beginning of the project application and be quick and direct, and not of necessity to be the offices of a major or drastic changes but its name is fast and any can be realized with the beginning of the project application and during the even before it ends.

The requirements of the development, are the things that you need to begin implementing your idea and your point, you may be content to financing, or the issuance of a decision, or an administrative change or anything else, whether material or moral, it is important to be reminded all the requirements of the development that you see it if not Can the start of the implementation, so put here what is essential and large depends on the implementation of the project and departed.

The recommendations are quite similar to the requirements of the development, but hear its recommendations in the sense that the effort involved in the implementation of this project or idea, we recommend several recommendations, for example to obtain a decision approving this strategy, the implementation of the programme on several stages and not one stage, the adoption of the structure as we see it benefit the project, and so on.

Here you can put a thank you in the last slide ..

Before I finish this article mention something important, which is that strategies differ according to the type of the idea according to the times, is the idea of an emerging or an idea already and want to spend it differently, so can’t pieces one color of the colors of strategies, and there is -as I mentioned in a previous article – white or black in the strategies, the most important in the project to analyze the idea and at what stage you are and how to deal with planning no.

But implementation of any idea arising, I find that this basics of the strategy is important and necessary to you for the clarification and construction, effective strategic communication and planning.

Summarize you the most important points from which to build an effective strategy:

  • Facts and figures
  • The study of the current situation
  • Building design initial
  • The general orientation of the project or idea
  • Methodology development
  • Addres
  • Target audience
  • Altruists affected by
  • Associated with and essential to the success of development
  • The main idea or the project
  • Expected results
  • Rapid gains
  • The requirements of the development
  • Recommendations

This is the most important key points to build a strategy, and don’t forget what I said in the previous articles of illegitimacy and extremism, and the addition of the word non-professional, try to choose and focus your information and to have the company talking, not writing.

I’m happy for any enquiry or consultation about the project, via my personal website or my Twitter account @gafrwrd.

Author: AJ pink – Laboratory of Marketing and communication.

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